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The religious advice that you can NOT forget before the end of 2020

Letter of the year 2020

The letter of the year It is a sign that is drawn with the help of orunmila the great oracle of Ifá and its priests in order to offer advice to the religious so that the new year that is entering is more bearable and less damage is caused.

This 2020, a year that is almost coming to an end, was a period full of difficulties where the world suffered great tragedies, being in turn twelve months through which man had to grow up to gradually overcome difficulties.

2020 and the reign of Oshún with Obatalá

Tips Letter of the Year 2020

Queen Oshun the holy mistress of honey who taught us that even adversity has a positive side to rejoice in order to gain strength and move forward.

This Orisha is accompaniedañagives for Obatala, holy protector of all heads who was in charge of providing the serenity and intelligence necessary to overcome difficult times.

To have a quiet end of the year and a prosperous start to the year are these tips:

Despite the fact that December puts an end to 2020, in this article I will show you the religious advice that you cannot ignore if you want to have a quiet end of the year and a beneficial start to the year.

Be careful with illnesses and deceptions:

It is recommended to have protected sexual relations in order to avoid the acquisition of venereal diseases.

In the same way, it is advisable to avoid infidelities because they are sources of deception and possible weapons that threaten the physical and moral integrity of people.

Avoid vices and attend the doctor in a timely manner

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is taboo.

Early assistance to medical institutions is advised against ailments, especially those related to the male reproductive system, since in 2020 the early emergence of sexual impotence in men prevails.

Not eating certain foods to avoid bad luck

Okra is not eaten because this Ewe brings backwardness and causes hot flashes in the home of the santeros.

In the same way, breaded foods made on the street are not consumed, since these promote the appearance of gastrointestinal diseases and bad luck.

Beware of confrontations and ingratitude

All religious are prohibited from appropriating other people's property, raising false testimonies and accusing other people in vain.

It is vital not to be ungrateful, it is necessary to reciprocate good deeds, doing this will receive the blessing of Olofin.

Avoid osogbos with some clothing and food

They do not wear red or printed clothes with monkeys, as these bring misfortunes and osogbos to people's lives. It is advisable to respect pork in meals as it is considered harmful in excess.

It is essential to get rid of objects, plans and outdated feelings in order to move forward with life.

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