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Letter of the year 2021: Olokun comes to rule with Goddess Oshún

Letter of the year 2021

This year 2021 Olokun arrives ruling with its secrets of the sea and the beautiful Orisha Oshún continues to rule, from the depths with its waters of Rivers.

If we comply with everything advised, they will give us blessings full of joys and good health. If we want to save ourselves, let us follow their warnings to the letter. Let us remember that your blessing is sacred.

May the blessing of Olokun and Oshún protect and protect us.

Ifá predictions for Cuba and the world.

The religious Institution, the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba on the Letter of the Year 2021:

To the Priests of Ifá, Obbases, Babaloshas, ​​Iyaloshas, ​​Iworos and Religious People in general.

  • Regent Sign: ikafun
  • First Witness: Odileke (ODI IRETE)
  • Second Witness: Ireteogba (IRETE OGBARA)
  • Prophetic prayer: I will go Arikú Oyainle Lese Orunla
  • Traducción: A Firm and Safe Health asset in the land that Orunla is going to provide
  • Onishe: For 8 days put different Addimu on Orunla and on the eighth day take those offerings to the river and there sacrifice a chicken to the offerings and to the river.
  • Obatala: Sacrifice 2 quail with 16 slices of bread, cocoa, cascarilla and 2 candles.
  • Onishe Ile (house): Wash the house with 8 herbs from Obatalá

Governs: Olokun and accompanied himaña: Oshun

Olokun yoruba museum
  • flag: Blue with Yellow trims


  • 1 Rooster, 1 River stone, River water, Bread crumbs, Land from 16 different places, sweaty clothes, 8 different colored strips, other ingredients.

Sayings of the sign:

  • He who laughs last laughs best.
  • Sometimes what you don't like is what you have to do.

Diseases that must increase your index:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Nervous system diseases

Events of social interest

  • Increased contempt for authority in a general sense
  • Breach and breaches of agreements  
  • Increase in natural disasters that lead to loss of both material and human life
  • Increase in migratory flow
  • Increase in loss of human life as a result of illegal migration
  • Increase in violations, territorial, legal, sexual
  • Increase in political, social and religious tensions that can lead to conflict
  • There may be an increase in maternal and child mortality due to poor procedures
  • Increased intake of alcoholic beverages
  • Increase in the rates of scam, robbery and muggings
  • Increase in false consecrations and religious profanations
  • Increased moral deformation
  • Increase in the adulteration of foods and beverages that generate food poisoning
  • Increase in criminal acts
  • This sign requires everyone to comply with religious commandments


  •  The World Society is called upon to conduct an analysis of the high level of corruption that exists in all spheres.
  • The family is called upon to instill respect, education, and a love of work.
  • Maintain established sanitary hygiene measures.
  • Comply with and respect the laws of each country to avoid legal problems.
  • Fight promiscuity at home.
  • Periodic health check-up is recommended.
  • It is recommended to increase personal hygiene, hand washing.
  • Respect is recommended within the marriage to avoid breakups.
  • Analyze the consequences of favors and commitments.
  • Head praying with two white doves is recommended.
  • Increase family financial planning to avoid loss of money and debt.
  • Bring Olokun tribute to the sea
  • The aleyos and Iworos that have pending consecrations, perform them this year, verifying beforehand, the person they choose to consecrate themselves.
  • Be selective with people to perform religious consecrations or rituals.
  • Avoid narcissism in a general sense.
  • Reinforce the door of your house (see your sponsor)
  • Go to the sponsor's home for detailed religious guidance.

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