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The Letter of the year 2022 for Cuba and the world: Obatalá has been taking care of us

Letter of the year 2022

Throughout history, the need to foresee what is to come through divination has been present in all cultures since the beginning of humanity.

The different methods and procedures of divination are always different.

In the last century from Africa, imposed exoduses of the slave trade arrived and these brought with them from their land to Cuba the Ifá Divination System and the Diloggún.

So our Cuban divination system of the Diloggún is a predecessor of them.

The Diloggún is a divinatory system based on 16 oddúns 

In the consultation of the oracle of the Cuban divination system of the Diloggún the snail that is used are those of Elegguá that belong to him 21, of these five separate who play the role of silent witnesses (adelé), and the others represent the 16 oddúns (signs).

The Cuban divination system of Ifá It is not based on probabilities or psychic powers, it is guided by knowledge that the Babalawo or Priest of Ifá must have in the form of wisdom and knowledge stored in his memory.

That is why they study the Corpus of Ifá duly for years to make known the true oracular message that the Oshas want to send us.

Because the Ifá divination system is so deep, wide and effective, each year on the night of December 31 at 12 o'clock at night a group of respected Ifá priests meet to make the oracle reading and give the letter of the year.

In Cuba, the Yoruba Cultural Association, which has its headquarters in Havana, is in charge of issuing the Letter of the Year.

And it is that the letter of the year is nothing more than what our Orishas predict for the coming year and this religious practice has been present in Cuba since the XNUMXth century.

A Firm Health good arrived this 2022 in the Letter of the Year

Learn about the guidelines of this letter of the year, along with the sayings, diseases and recommendations that come to us from the Orishas for this new cycle that begins in 2022.

We now share the Letter of the year 2022 according to the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba.

Letter of the year according to the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba

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