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Letter of the Year 2023: Obatalá and Oshún protect our heads

Letter of the Year 2023

This year comes the great father Obatala owner of our heads and faithful guide of our thoughts to direct us on the right path, together with his daughter Oshun, deity of love, benevolent queen who gives us her goodness, always having to comply with her advice so as not to unleash her anger against us. That Obatalá and Oshún give us this new year much health and mercy.

The Religious Institution: Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba has issued the Letter of the Year 2023 with the Ifá Predictions for Cuba and the World:

To the Priests of Ifá, Obá Oriate, Babaloshas, ​​Iyaloshas, ​​Iworo, to the People in General:

On December 31, 2022, at the headquarters of the Yoruba cultural association religious institution of Cuba, located at Prado # 615 between Monte and Dragones, Old Havana municipality, Cuba, the Ifá priests meet to perform the ceremony of letter of the year 2023, chaired by the senior priest of Ifá Antonio Sevilla Rodríguez Awo Babá Ofún Meyi "and the support of the board of directors, council of senior priests of the Republic of Cuba and its extensions of provincial operations and guests from other nations. The letter was drawn by the aforementioned senior priest, after consulting the 25 positions and prescribed sacrifices.

  • Regent Sign: Otura Niko
  • First Witness: Oshe Turá
  • Second Witness: Ogbe Ate
  • Elegda Onishesi: Ogborí Elegdá (Head Praying)

Prophetic Prayer: 

  • Osogbo Iku Intori Elegda Orunmila Oniré: Death or Termination of Functions Due to Disobedience. Defend Orula.

Regent Orishas this 2023:

  • Ruling Divinity: Obatala
  • accompaniedañaMarketplace: Oshun

Flag Color:

  • flag: White with Yellow Rims


  • Ebbo Ni Ifa: a rooster, size of the head, drum, trap, arrow, plenty of brandy, honey, white cloth, stone from a hill, river water, corner land, all kinds of food, curujey, quite small.
  • Ebo of Santeros: Osadie (medium big cock), colored strips, body measurements, land of a hole.

In this sign is born:

  • – The agitation of the sea.
  • – The nervous system in the organism.
  • – That death is scared and respects the living. And the Oparaldo.
  • – The human races.

Sayings of the sign:

  • – The iron wanted to persist with the candle.
  • – He who does good in heaps will receive it in heaps.
  • – The broken gourd will never be filled.
  • – The father says: If you are not happy at home, it is better that you come with me.
  • – In the land of the dead, I am a foreman.

Diseases that are predicted

  • – Presages an increase in diseases associated with the throat and spine.
  • – Elevation of deterioration of the nervous system produced by stress.
  • – Increase in conditions related to blood pressure.
  • – Vector-borne diseases.


  • – Make Paraldos for drive away disturbing entities and attention to the ancestors with sacrifices.
  • – It is an Ifá of extensions and it is recommended Do not delay the works and consecrations pending religious.
  • – resume as priority health preventive measures in the country to limit the spread of contagious diseases.
  • – Alert the competent authorities regarding the excessive use of biochemicals in meats, fruits, sausages and food in general due to its harmful consequences to health
  • - Need for a mindset change that facilitates development for new socioeconomic perspectives.
  • - Legally enhance economic possibilities internal to agro-industrial production.
  • - Natural disasters are forecast for hurricanes, agitations of the sea and floods of rivers with economic and human losses.
  • - Concern about the aging trend of the population, being left without the support of the youth due to their exodus and decrease in the birth rate.
  • - It alerts about education of children and youthwarning of the exodus of teachers to other occupations.
  • – It is expected a increase in criminal activities, violent and robbery, so it is recommended to take precautions with individual and state properties.
  • – It is predicted a increased alcohol consumption in the population that generates social problems, so the damage associated with it should be disclosed more.
  • – Ifá recommends increase educational work against domestic violence and respect for women, children and the elderly.
  • - Promote the union of religious, regardless of the cult you profess.
  • – Ifá emphasizes strengthen the relationship between Godfather and Godsonbetween Father and Son.

happy and prosperous year 2023

May this letter serve to guide us as good religious, based on faith, love, respect and humility.

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