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The Opening of the Year ceremony takes place in June according to Ogbe Otura

Letter of the year in Ogbe Otura

The pataki born in Ogbe Otura recounts the existence of a religious who always stayed in his home, where he received his brothers to study Ifa together, with the aim of providing a better life for their peers so that they could obtain the blessing of Olofin and the other Orishas.

Pataki where a path is traced for a year as Law for the habitaBefore the Earth

One day Kawo Sile He visited the home of the oluo and upon meeting the meeting and learning about the objectives of the meetings that took place in said house, he was pleased to learn that the Ifá priests desired the good of humanity.

So he decided to give some advice to the babalawos to make their mission easier.

The Orisha who owns the music and the Batá drums indicated to them the task of elaborating a document by which humans could abide by during the period of one year.

Law that should accompanyañamake some animal sacrifices and other offerings in order to obtain the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare.

The babalawos listened attentively to Kawó Silé's words but were fearful of developing the new project, so the host decided to appear personally before Olofin to consult him about the company.

As the month of June was passing and the harvests were abundant, the oluos decided to send with their emissary an offering to honor them and little by little they were filling a basket with which the designated babalawo ascended to heaven.

To bring I will go to earth and guide men, the Opening of the Year was established

When the Ifá priest reached the kingdom of heaven and was in the presence of the Orishas, ​​he knelt before them as a show of respect.

Then they asked him to explain what brought him to his palace, he began to expose the plan elaborated by Kawó Silé and the deities agreed.

In this way, Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare gave the babalawos the power to carry out the opening ceremony of the year in order to bring prosperity and he will go to earth and in this way bring benefits to humanity.

This ceremony was recorded in the Ogbe Otura odun to perform it at the time when the harvests were abundant and prosperous.

From that day on the tradition was born that the religious propitiate an offering to the earth every twelve months where the presence of animals, ministries, fruits and vegetables should be included.

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