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Letter of the Year in Santeria Why follow his advice?

Letter of the Year Santeria

Our faith in the Orishas, in our guides and protectors, is reflected in the way we follow the advice of the Letter of the Year.

Follow the indications that the deities offer us each beginning of the year, It will allow us to avoid obstacles, remove dangers, evils and diseasesand prevent misfortunes.

As well we will be prepared for all those challenges that life will impose on us this year.

Let us remember that one of the Yorubas patakies refers that only the wise Orunmila fulfilled the letter of the year when it signaled food shortages and crises. And only Orula was saved from trouble, while the others desperately searched for food.

This Yoruba legend points out the need to:

  • Pay attention to warnings and recommendations of the Letter of the Year to be able to move forward with the blessing of the Orishas and our ancestors, away from sorrows and misfortunes.

If you want to know this Orula's history and the letter of the year you can read it by clicking here

What is the letter of the year? When is it published?

The letter of the year in Santeria or Regla de Osha-Ifá It is a traditional Yoruba ceremony that is held every early January, and whose dictates are expected by practitioners and followers of the Yoruba religion, as well as many other people interested in knowing what this new stage holds.

Through the Oracle of Ifá, recognized babalawos reveal the future of an entire community, in addition to the guidelines and recommendations to move forward and avoid difficulties.

The lyrics always reflect what the Orishas communicate especially for the new year and warns of:

  • dangers
  • tragedies
  • enfermedades

But it not only includes warnings, but also tips to avoid them and so avoid any evil that stalks us, take advantage of opportunities and be alert to any situation.

Currently, the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba publishes the letter of the year for Cuba and the world in the early hours of the first of January, and under their advice and guides the religious abide by the word of Ifá and the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Because it is important follow with faith the letter of each year?

In 2022 the Orisha Father Obbatalá has been ruling:

  • This year we were advised to face problems and situations calmly and calmly, without letting them overwhelm us and dominate our lives.

Let us remember that the babalawos, as interpreters of the word of Orula, always tell us that if the advice and recommendations are followed, we will be healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually, and joy and happiness will fill our path, always being respectful of religion. and their deities.

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