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What is the Letter of the Year and what does it warn the religious of the World?

Letter of the year

The greatest event awaited by all the religious of the Religion Yoruba on December 31 is carried out by the Ifá Priests and is the Letter of the Year.

The Cuban Council of Higher Ifá Priests and the Yoruba Cultural Society of Cuba of different religious branches existing on the island are in charge of this sacred ceremony and together they all make known the prophecies of the supreme God Olofin.

The important letter of the year It is predicted through the consultation of the Ifá Oracle, through this Oracle the situations that will be faced in each coming year are predicted and it is where believers are advised and oriented in the religious, moral and social sphere.

What is determined at the Opening Ceremonies of the Year?

In this letter it is determined:

  • The Orisha that governs the year along with its advice, warnings and prohibitions,
  • the flag that should fly in religious houses,
  • the offerings and cleanings (ebboses) that can please, enhance and calm the regent Orisha.

This ceremony has been performed since the XNUMXth century., but not in a public and massive way as now, at that time it was transferred between godparents and godchildren, that is, between religious houses.

The notable writer and outstanding ethnologist Natalia Bolívar pronounces like this about this sacred religious ceremony:

The Letter of the Year is a prediction, generally very accurate, that is read through the Oddun, of the letter that comes out.

There are sayings, prayers, and you read who governs, what will happen to you, what diseases are going to be strong in that year, what earthquakes and earthly problems are going to be in the Universe, and gives the recommendations ...

Natalia Bolivar

These predictions are not only oriented to a home but at a global level and their omens must be taken into account by all, since they reveal messages of love and peace, they also warn how to protect our planet.

To be more united we must ask that every year prevail among religious with much more force:

  • Respect, dignity, indulgence, organization and conversations to reach agreements.

For all the Yoruba, the advice of the Letter of the Year arrives

This year the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba will perform the Opening Ceremonies of the Year, known as «The Letter of the Year«, as usual, in the early hours of January 01, announcing the Lyrics.

The official information of said ceremony will be communicated directly through the Association's social networks. If you want to receive it in your mail, we invite you to subscribe by mail in the button below, a hug and many blessings to you.

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