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Odun Irete Ojuani: luck awaits you if you make wise decisions

Lyrics Irete Ojuani

Irete Ojuani is a lyric from iré lowo nisha or travel evolutions.

You will come to live in three different lands where luck will await you if you are able to make wise decisions.

In this sign the religious is led towards the iré or the osogbo by his own head.

Irete Ojuani does not have caged birds in her ilé

Do not have caged birds in your ilé (house), because your spirit will be represented in this action and you could be the prisoner:

  • In a house where you don't feel comfortable,
  • within a marriage without happiness or
  • be drowned in your own problems.

Demand from your partner the need to respect your space, do not allow anyone in life to make decisions about you, in your destiny there is no place for impositions or disrespect.

Stay by the side only of those who value you and give you the place you deserve in your life.

Ifá says: it is your duty to respect the old customs

Ifá says that in your family there was a deceased who used a cane to walk, take that staff, consecrate it and use it in your religious rituals.

Lean on this spirit, which from your position will help you by making your life easier.

In his ilé there is planted a tree where from long ago his ancestors took care of an eggun, continue with this tradition, because it is his duty to respect the old customs.

Emotions will negatively affect your health

In the Irete Ojuani Letter you must be careful at sea, because in this Ifá the religious is prone to suffer a shock while in the kingdom of Yemayá.

In this letter skin diseases are born, particularly psoriasis, worry and take care of your health, because there is no more precious treasure than health.

Your emotions will have a negative impact on your general state, do not take responsibilities that do not concern you and in this way you will live less stressed and happier.

Ask for the blessing of Oshún, owner of fertility and honey.

Raise and care for your children, take care of educating them and guiding them on the right path so that in the future they respect you and recognize you as a father.

Pay the tributes you owe to Oshún, respect this deity and each of her children so that the osogbos do not knock on your door.

When you are near a river ask for the blessing of Oshún, the Orisha owner of fertility and honey.

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