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What does Ogunda Masa notice this year? Don't get engañar

Lyrics Ogunda Mass
  • Odun regent: Ogunda Mass
  • Ruling divinity: Yemaya
  • accompanying deityañaMarketplace: Orisha Oko
  • Flag: blue with pink trim
  • First witness: Oshe niwo
  • second witness: Irete Kutan

Ogunda Masa, regent sign of the year 2023 issued by the Casona de Diez de Octubre in Cuba, warns that disobedience is paid for with death, one of the pataki in force in this letter tells that Oggún disobeyed Olofin's warnings and usurped a closed path, upon learning of this offense he sentenced him to find himself on the path of life to death.

By this letter the religious must receive the warriors, especially to Oggún and Oshosi, this odun establishes the birth and union of these Orishas, ​​saints who are prayed to to overcome difficulties.

4 Tips for the year 2023 of the Ogunda Mass Letter:

1. In this Ifá the enemy does not change, no second chances

You You must be careful not to fall high altitude, such an accident could cost you your life.

Ifá says that:

What is in the dump should stay there because in the end it will be garbage.

Don't get engañar for people, the one who betrayed you will do it again and in the same way it will happen in dissimilar examples, do not offer second chances because you will suffer disappointments.

In Ogunda Masa the enemy does not change, just looking for a way to get to you and hurt you again from a closer angle.

2. The secret of this sign is found in the union

The religious must not forget that the secret of Ogunda Masa is found in the union, when there are differences under the same roof. the family will not prosper.

The union in Ogunda Masa is fundamental In the various spheres of life, at home, at work, in the family, as a couple, the person ruled by this sign is recommended to share their life with a person who supports them, who seeks to prosper and with whom have reasons to fight for.

In this Ifá enemies will try to create conflicts between you and the people around you so that you are weakened by being left alone, don't listen to rumors and make decisions by his own head.

3. Vices will be the downfall of Ogunda Masa

Ogunda Masa is an odun where the religious must establish Osha to obtain tranquility, rest and long life on the plane of the earth, but before being consecrated he must be baptized.

Respect is important and the considerations that the religious has for the mother, because due to an upset this can die or give its fall lack of love and attention.

The downfall of Ogunda Masa it comes through vices.

In this Ifá the person luck comes to him through the mediation of a spirit son of Yemayá, do a research mass so that you know your spiritual picture.

4. Ogunda Masa must say «Maferefún Obatalá«

Spiritual rituals for this year:

  • Place a cedar cross at the head of your bed, so that you manage to fall asleep, should sleep towards the feet.
  • For drive away disturbances In this odun the religious takes a bath with holy water.
  • You should visit churches where ancient idols are found so that Develop your spirituality.

The religious in Ogunda Masa must say Maferefún Obatalá every day, because in this odun Olofin gave Baba the reins of the world, Obatalá is a bulwark for you, respect their advice and your childrenDo not allow anyone to disturb your peace and remember that with intelligence and patience you will overcome difficulties.  

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