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The Legend of Oshun and the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre

Oshun Legend

Learn about the stories of the protectors of Cubans, the Orisha and the Saint, both syncretized and united under a golden mantle of protection and mercy.

They say that the image floated in the sea... Protecting the salty coasts of this small Island...

The Virgin of Charity of Copper it is a Marian dedication that is adored with equal fervor in Cuba. But the deity is not only venerated in the country, Cubans in all parts of the world pay homage to the Patroness of the People.

Legend has it that a representation of the Virgin was sighted between 1616 and 1617 in the Bay of Nipe, in the extreme east of Cuba. She was found floating on a piece of wood by three slaves, one black and two Indians, nicknamed the three Juanes.

On the tablet was glimpsed a writing: "I am the Virgin of Charity of Cobre." The image was transferred to a church built near a copper mine, some 20 kilometers from Santiago de Cuba.

For decades, the cult deepened until it became an inseparable part of the religious and cultural tradition of the Cuban people.

Since the beginning of the independence wars in colonial times, La Caridad del Cobre has been a symbol of Cuban identity and freedom for all Cubans.

In the Afro-Cuban religion, known as Santeria, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of Cuba syncretizes with Oshún. Both reign over the sweet waters of the world, the streams, springs and rivers, and are symbols of protection, love and fertility.

Oshun and her Legend, the beautiful warrior of the yoruba pantheon

Oshun, is one of the Deities of the Yoruba religion, powerful, sensual and warrior woman. She equals in power and skills the male members of the pantheon.

The Yoruba patakíes (legends) tell about Oshún, who promoted the role of women as strong and courageous decision-makers.

It is said that at the beginning of the world, the Orishas came down to Earth and organized gatherings only for men, relegating women to inferior roles.

Oshun became angry at such an attitude and decided to make women sterile, so that many evils began to abound in the world.

Desperate, the Orishas went to the great Olodumare crying out for his help and he explained that without the powers of Oshún and her magic to grant fertility, no venture would be successful.

Back on Earth, the Orishas, ​​repentant, called Oshun and invited her to participate in the meetings. She, after much thought, agreed.

The women were fertile again and the plans and undertakings of the Orishas gave positive results.

Prayer to the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre and Oshún

Oh Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, protector of Cubans throughout the world, you who cover us with your mantle and give us comfort with your love.

To you, Oshún, goddess of rivers and fertility, sweet and kind orisha, you who give us happiness with your eyes, and with your singing you make us unbreakable.

Together you are the light that guides us, in the darkness of life, the strength that sustains us, when the road becomes difficult and heavy.

Oh Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, Oh Orisha Oshún, make love always flourish in our hearts, and peace and union reign in our lives.

May we find hope in you, and may we find salvation in your hands, because we know that you are always present, to protect us with your love and blessing, grant me what I ask of you.

So be it! Amen.

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