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The Taino legend of Ciguapa Are they sorceresses or harmless?

Legend La Ciguapa

Cuban folklore houses stories related to dissimilar characters, among these is the Ciguapa, a woman of aboriginal origin who habita in the entrancesañas of the rock formations of the center and east of the country.

What are ciguapas?

The Ciguapa is a predominantly nocturnal entity that assumes the appearance of a woman with black hair and refined features, which has the peculiarity of having inverted feet.

Those who have had the opportunity to see it, assume the fact that it is a harmless creature, while others claim that it is a kind of sorceress.

It is believed that the ciguapa cannot speak and that it communicates with man and animals through sounds.

Some claim that they have seen the ciguapas bathing in the rivers on full moon nights or simply walking along its banks.

Seductive beings that envelop their victims

Some rumors report that the song of the ciguapa is intoxicating and that with its sweet melody they surround men like terrestrial sirens, until they take them to their cave, where they never leave again.

What according to the populace happens there is uncertain, since no one has been bold enough to enter the caves where it is presumed habitan the ciguapas late at night and without company.

On a full moon they can be caught

The Ciguapa is a being that cannot live in captivity, because when it is the victim of a trap it ends up dying.

It is believed that to catch a ciguapa you need the help of a Creole dog, who is in charge of besieging them, thus leading them to the trap.

Although it is valid to note that this action can only be carried out successfully on nights with a full moon.

What are the powers that the Ciguapas possess?

The powers or virtues of the ciguapas have been much discussed throughout the ages, because while some defend tooth and nail the theory that they are harmless beings, others describe them as skilled sorceresses.

It is said of these that they are expert connoisseurs of the magical and healing properties of medicinal herbs, plants that they use in the performance of their pagan rituals.

They manifest themselves with stealth among men

The peasants say they have seen the ciguapas break into their crops in search of corn.

And sometimes women claim to have observed them taking chickens and butter from their kitchens, leaving some seeds and fruits as payment.

The ciguapas break into the farms with stealth, but without fear of the dogs, since they can only attack them during the night of the full moon, as we mentioned previously.

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