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Liberato Valdés Ewin Leti: The Ears of Obatalá

Liberato Valdes

In our Cuban archipelago, the roots of the Yoruba religion were planted through the knowledge, stones and snails brought by the slaves who arrived from Africa during the process of conquest and colonization.

This event continued to evolve and over the years the doctrines of the Cuban Yoruba pantheon grew and perfected, passing from generation to generation.

This phenomenon brought with it that through the consecrations of the first Yorubas, the religious temples were expanding, becoming larger and more branched throughout the island.

The beautiful religious traces of Liberato Valdés

Liberato Valdés was one of the first recognized Oriates in Cuba for his knowledge of the Diloggún, he crowned Obatalá, Orisha owner of intelligence and of all heads, from the tureen of Titi Oyeyei and Tía Meme.

It is known that he became an inseparable disciple of Tomasito Romero with whom he developed many religious consecrations.

More than 50 years ago, Liberato Valdés Ewin Leti, the name of a saint that has its interpretation in Obatala's ears, scratched the lerí (head) of my grandfather Pedro Muñoz and great-grandmother Asunción León, older santeros who were his godchildren and who consecrated themselves together in the Yoruba branch.

It is curious how history does justice to great men, because there is no moyugba to Eggun where the name of Liberato Valdés is not mentioned.

All the prayers and calls fulfill the same objective, that the alagwa place their blessing and give their approval on the consecrations that are going to be carried out.

Liberato, a humble being who left us his wisdom

It is known that Liberato was a humble and smiling man, well dressed, who liked to be impeccable, a correct man of those who are no longer seen, with a lot of knowledge about the Osha and the Yoruba religious temple in general.

Liberato always attached great importance to the eggunes and spiritism, a branch that he judged as a science, which should be studied with respect, a testimony offered by his niece, who today has Obatalá crowned and who has vast religious knowledge and more than 25 years of osha.

Liberato's doctrines gradually expanded and as Tomás Cárdenas taught him yesterday, his words and actions were based on respect for the Orishas and the religious, since every human being deserved consideration.

This man was not in favor of abuse and did not conceive of religion as a source of exploitation and profit, since greed and good religiosity according to his thinking did not go hand in hand.

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