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"La Libreta de Itá" and its great importance in the Santeria Rule

Itá notebook

Many mysteries are speculated about the Itá notebook, when it appears in the life of the religious and who may or may not read it, how long their advice is valid or what can or cannot be written in it.

There are many of the questions that are asked daily without receiving a clear answer that ends up dispelling the existing doubts among religious and scholars of the subject in question.

The truth is that the Itá notebook arises from the need that the santero had to be able to remember the letters that he was obtaining throughout his religious life, because among its pages the secrets and advice that his deities emitted towards him were kept. and his family, always on the path of salvation and spiritual and material development.

Guiding element of the life of the consecrated person in Santeria

The Book of Itá It arises with the delivery of the first religious power that the devotee obtains, even if he does not have Osha crowned, since many believers before being initiated into Santeria receive the necklaces from their godmothers or godfathers, a ceremony that is considered the half seat of the saint and some saints of adimu or minor Orishas.

Therefore, it is valid to highlight the emergence of the Itá notebook as the guiding element of the life of the consecrated person in Santeria, which must be assumed responsibly and kept secret because inside it contains many religious secrets related to past, present and present life. future of the santero, so it should only be read by the person in question whom it represents.

What does the Itá notebook contain?

Inside its pages are grouped the data of the santero, the coconut a eggun and his letters of saint among other information.

Inside the saint's room, the feicita is in charge of keeping the Itá notebook, this is responsible for leaving all the signs, advice and warnings that the Orishas indicate to the consecrated person in the Osha.

¡The advice and warnings in the Itá book are for life!

The signs and messages present in Santo's notebook are for life, so they must be well listened to and interpreted.

These cover the past, present and future of the person, so the tests that the Orishas decide to send to the person do not have to be subject only to the year of iyaworaje, but in the course of life.

The Itá notebook is one of the main consultation elements that the santero possesses, hence its enormous importance.

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