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What secrets did the "Book of Death" hide about the Eggunes?

Book of the death

The Book of Death born in the sign Ogbe Ofun, here the Oba possessed under his tutelage the great secrets belonging to human beings during their terrestrial existence and once they died, written in a book that had belonged to his family for many generations.

Through the book of the dead it was possible to know the way to call the spirits and the secrets to seal pacts with them.

In such a way that they help to win many causes and also contribute their knowledge in religious consecrations, even going so far as to unveil the mystery of the resurrection of the dead.

Pataki where Oggún and Shango wanted to rule the Eggun

Oggún and Shangó knew in advance that all the information from the beyond was found inside that book, so they wanted to get hold of it to dominate the world of the eggunes.

But Ikú (death) slept protecting the document from the hands of whoever wanted to seize it.

The Orishas then turned to the prodigy son of Odua who was the head of the action.

The deities came to the foot of Orula for him to recommend some work to get out of Ikú unscathed.

Orula orders to do ebbó to obtain the victory against Ikú but they DO NOT listen to him

The Ifá oracle replied that they should do ebbó or else they would be forced to make a pact with death.

To which these annoying replied that they were Odúa's proteges and that they did not need anyone's help to win.

The two Orishas went to the house of the Oba who asked to see the book, between claims he agreed.

Not without first asking him how they had found out about it and who had helped them find his home, whom in return he demanded to meet in person.

Only Orula knows "all the secrets of the great spirits"

Then, out of nowhere, another deal came up, the one that consisted in the fact that if they wanted to possess the book, they had to hand over Odúa's son to death, as he was the intellectual author of the plan, and that's how the exchange happened.

Without these knowing that in reality there were two volumes of the document and death would only give them one.

As time went by, Oggún and Shangó realized that the first book did not end there, so they deduced that death had the other part and annoyed they went to demand that he return the child because he had cheated them.

She did not yield to the claim, since the other part of the book had been given to Orula, who was the only Orisha to know the secrets of the great spirits.

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