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How to perform a powerful clean with coconut water? Bathrooms and cleaning

Clean with coconut water

The coconut water It has been for years, one of the most popular elements as a sacred drink, to hydrate and relieve thirst.

The coconut comes from the most cultivated palm tree in the world, and the main producers of this healthy fruit are Indonesia, the Philippines and India, although it is extremely popular throughout the world, especially in tropical countries such as Cuba that have a long tradition of using this fruit in dissimilar areas.

Coconut is given a wide variety of uses, even spiritual, and it can be included in many areas, all of which are beneficial to humans.

However, coconut has beneficial properties for human health due to the presence of minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and manganese, which, according to specialists, help to recover electrolytes after intense exercise, without providing too many calories.

What are the uses and ritual significance of the Coconut water?

The coconut is called the Fruit of the Goddess Sri of India and in tropical countries it is called "Food of the Soul", which is why it is given all kinds of powers.

Today it has dissimilar esoteric uses, some even constitute sacred traditions from different countries.

The coconut for hundreds of years has been used for the elaboration of spells and rituals with numerous positive purposes, since it is said to be an extremely pure fruit.

In addition, it is very common to clean the home or business, or body baths with coconut water as they are purifiers, and their cleansing effect removes obstacles from the road.

Its spiritual benefits include:

  • Used to achieve prosperity
  • Release negative energy places
  • Attract solutions to any type of problem
  • Eliminate weaknesses and provide protection
  • Generate protection for babies when they are born

3 Rituals of cleaning our body, home and objects:

Also coconut water is a very powerful element in esoteric rituals.

And it is that, among its spiritual characteristics, its capacity to protect against negative energies stands out, which is why it is widely used in purification spells such as:

1. Spiritual bath with coconut water “A body cleanse”

The spiritual bath with coconut water aims to cleanse the bad influences that we have collected throughout the day.

Also, if we add other elements, we can attract all kinds of positive vibes to us that will help us move forward through life in a better way.

To prepare the ritual bath with this powerful water:

  1. First we take the water that is inside the fruit and place it in a glass container or glass.
  2. Then we add a few drops of lemon, which will also act to eliminate toxins and bad energy.
  3. We let this mixture rest for a while.
  4. Then we spray it on our body after taking a normal shower, always with our thoughts focused on relieving our load through positive things.

As we explained previously, if we wish we can add two tablespoons of honey to attract everything positive to our life and sweeten us, calling for good vibes, love and prosperity.

  • With this clean with coconut water we will create a protective shield that will keep all bad energies away and at the same time we will attract good wishes.

2. Ritual with coconut water for cleaning the home or business

A spiritual cleansing with coconut water will help to eliminate the negative vibrations that many homes accumulate, caused by envy, bad desires and dangers that can lurk.

  • We can do it in the home, business or other space that we want to clean of dark influences.

To protect our home and family, we must:

  1. Extract the water from a coconut and add a few drops of honey, to attract positive things, and a splash of vinegar, to enhance the purification of our home.
  2. Then we add this mixture to the water used to clean the house and with it we mop the floors of each hour.abitation.
  3. Always thinking of attracting good energy and discarding bad vibes that are stagnant.

Finally, we also clean the objects that can accumulate bad vibes with that water.

Important: The water we use must be thrown out of the house so that the bad vibes that it collected do not affect us again.

3. Vehicle cleaning with the power of coconut water

Protecting our vehicle is taking care of our life and that of our family. And believe it or not, our means of transportation can accumulate numerous negative vibes on the daily road.

To clean our vehicle, we will need:

  1. A deep container to mix coconut water, basil leaves to strengthen cleaning and purification, and tap water.
  2. We can also use rue or rosemary leaves, as they act as excellent purifiers.
  3. Then we use this water to spray the vehicle and when finished, we remove the leaves by hand and discard them.

This ritual is necessary especially if the vehicle is used, to get rid of all the vibe that may have accumulated its previous owners.

  • We can also do this clean with coconut water on other objects that we have at home.

What virtues does el Coconut water in our health?

Many indicate that the consumption of this powerful water favors the control of sugar in the blood, that it prevents cholesterol and that it is an antioxidant.

Important, the water is inside the coconut and must be extracted when the fruit is not yet ripe, because at that time the quantity is greater.

As it matures, the amount of liquid decreases, because it becomes part of the coconut meat.

Some of the most important benefits of its consumption:

  • Coconut water is said to contain 46 calories, plus carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin C, and minerals like magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, and calcium.
  • Coconut water not only serves to quench your thirst, but thanks to its minerals, it helps you recover faster and after fatigue.
  • It can lower cholesterol and even regulate blood sugar.

But we must also know that many of these benefits can be lost if coconut water is not natural.

And it is that, to sell it better, many companies put sugars añadidoes and other additives that multiply the calories and make it similar to a common soft drink.

It is best to consume coconut water when it is still inside the fruit itself, so all its benefits will benefit us.

Also, specialists believe that it is difficult to say that coconut water hydrates better than water, as many indicate, because there is no scientific evidence to corroborate it.

Meet some powerful rituals that are performed with coconut:

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