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Cleansing household energies on behalf of your guardian spirits

Cleaning the house with rice water

I recommend that, if when you get home you feel extremely tired spiritually, if you see shadows, if you feel weight on you, if everything breaks, if your pets feel upset for no reason, do not sleep peacefully, then do cleaning or flushing your home.

Cleaning the house with rice water and other powerful elements

Keep in mind that at the time of your cleaning you should have the windows and doors open if possible, so that these negative energies disappear much faster.

in the mañanas it is better to do these depurative cleanings.


How to prepare the water for household cleaning?

  1. Put half a bucket of water to calm down and then add it to the prepared water.
  2. Take 8 handfuls of rice and put them to boil in 5 liters of water, it will depend on the size of the bucket that you will use to clean.
  3. You will let them boil for approximately 10 or 15 minutes, then turn off and let cool.
  4. You strain it and add 8 egg whites, Florida Water and a stream of holy water from your vault, if you don't have it, nothing happens, because you have already serene your cleaning water, which is also holy water.

Before starting to clean you light the candle in your vault, your Egguns on the tile or in a clean and comfortable place, and ask your protective spirits to help you clean and take away all the negative that exists in the home and that affects your life.

If you cannot flush (water) the house, you first sweep and then scrub the entire house with a clean broom from the back of the house to the front entrance.

Always keep in mind to scrub the corners of the whole house well, negative energies hide in it.

You leave this cleaning on the floor for a while and then you can clean it with clear water and a little vinegar. Then you let the candle burn out.

Salt bath after cleansing ...

Then you should take a bath with sea salt to eliminate any negative energy that your body may have collected.

Remember, do it with great faith and always asking your guardian spirits to protect you from all evil.

I also recommend the following baths: 

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