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How to clean the home and purify it with White Flowers?

Cleaning with white flowers

Our home is the place where we should feel most comfortable and safe. It is the border between the troublesome and complicated outside world and tranquility and peace.

Therefore, we must keep it pure and pleasant, to prevent negative energies that can take over it.

There are numerous ways to clean our house when we notice that the environment can be charged by negative energy. Cleaning with different elements and purification help us get rid of those bad vibes that could affect our personal space.

Flowers to ward off bad vibes

Jasmine flower
Jasmine flower

Flowers have always had an extremely spiritual meaning, recognized for their symbolism and their load of emotions, which is why they are excellent elements to purify our home.

In addition, these have different meanings such as love, pleasure, gratitude, purity and thousands of other feelings and are present in offerings and thanks to ask for protection and blessings.

3 Ways to clean the house with white flowers:

For this reason, to clean a place energetically, white flowers such as jasmine or gardenias can be used, which are excellent for balancing the energy of the spaces, just like the sabilas.

There are different ways to use white flowers to clean the house, we share three of them:

1. Smoke with jasmine

Smoke container
Smoke container

Jasmine has great medicinal value, and symbolizes purity at the same time. It is a flower with calming effects that helps control anxiety, depression and other nervous problems.

Therefore we can use it to smoke the different corners of the house and eliminate any negative energy.

We burn some branches of jasmine or the essence of the flower in an incense stick and the intense fragrance that will give off will help us eliminate any negative energy from our home and also maintain a fragrant and relaxed atmosphere.

And if you still wonder, but what is incense? We explain it to you:

  • To smoke is to burn certain natural elements, usually with spiritual value, among them plants, woods, resins, flowers to give aromatic smoke, clean and purify environments.

2. Place jasmine or rose incense

Jasmine or rose incense

Incense has great power, as it strongly attracts love and fortune, and calls good energies to our home.

Burning jasmine or white rose incense will drive bad energy away from our home, thanks to the purifying power of these flowers.

The white rose, above all, represents pure love, like that which mothers profess for their children and also the cure of disease. Therefore, we can place incense to ward off bad vibes from ailments and attract purity and happiness to our home.

3. Place bouquets of white flowers in the habitations

Placing bouquets of flowers has been a tradition over the years, helping to spruce up our home and keep it fragrant and pleasant.

But also placing bouquets of white flowers such as roses, white gladioli, gardenias or jasmine, is a way to combat the bad vibes that may be accumulated in the home.

The values ​​of the flowers and their essence banish the bad vibes and keep the atmosphere of our house fragrant and relaxed.

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