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Egg Cleaning at the foot of Eleguá Powerful Ebbó that opens up paths!

Egg cleaning at the foot of Eleguá

Whenever we suffer disunity, heartbreak, sadness, ill health and many more negative things, it is synonymous with closed roads.

Many of these paths are closed because we ourselves block them with negative thoughts and bad attitudes.

In this case it resorts to Elegguá, the Orisha who opens and closes the roads, the little giant of Osha to help you open up new opportunities and let health, prosperity and love reign in your life.

Ebbó at the foot of Elegguá to open paths to prosperity

This cleaning with an egg at the foot of Eleguá is very simple and effective, always remember that the orisha of the roads will be willing to help you, but for that something very important is to ask him with a lot of faith and love.

Even if you do not have Elegguá, you can offer him what you want from the heart, because if you need him and worship him, he will not stop listening to you or clearing the way.

You will do this Ebbó behind the front door of your house in case of not having ElegguáIf you have received it, it will be in front of him.


  • 3 eggs (if they are chicken better)
  • Honey bee
  • Corojo butter
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cascarilla
  • White or clay plate
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • 3 cents

Procedure to do this ebbó on behalf of Eleguá:

Remember that the ingredients should always be washed before starting to make the works or offerings for the orishas because they absorb negative energies, in this case you wash the eggs.

  1. After washing you let the eggs dry or you can dry them with a clean cloth.
  2. First:
  • You smear honey on an egg
  • To the second egg you spread corojo butter
  • To the third you spread cocoa butter first and then cascarilla
  1. You will put them in the Elegguá casserole, but on a white plate behind the front door.
  2. You light the candle, blow brandy and tobacco smoke to Elegguá and the offering.
  3. You ask for his blessing, you give him knowledge of what you put on him and for what.

Remember that requests to Elegguá are made out loud and if you do not make any request, talk to him about your problems and, above all, thank him.

How long will this play with Elegguá last?

These works will last 3 consecutive nights, always lighting the candle when we clean.

This ebbo will be made in the mañaNa, if you start a much better Monday.

E.g., if you start on a Monday in the mañaNa, on Monday night you will do the first cleaning and you will go to break the egg.

We start the same night of the day you put on the play:

  • The first night you clean yourself with the egg that has Epó (corojo butter) and you will leave the house and break it in a corner.
  • The second day you clean yourself with the one that has Orí and Efún (cocoa butter and cascarilla) and you will still leave the house and break it in another corner.
  • The third night you clean yourself with the one that Oñí (honey) has and you break it in front of the door of your house.

The three cents are deposited in the place where you break the first egg.

It is very important that the egg breaks, so that the bad energies are destroyed ...

I know that in many places you will not be able to break the eggs in the corners, so I suggest that you break them for example in a garbage can that is in a corner.

Remember that you must make sure that the egg breaks, otherwise you will look for a mountain and you break it there.

If you know, you can ask Elegguá where he wants you to leave the ebbó.

May the abundance and the great blessings of the orisha come into your life after doing this powerful egg cleansing at the foot of Eleguá.

Have faith that everything comes with the blessing of the owner of the Eleguá roads. Ashé for you.

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