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Cleaning in the name of Obatalá to calm the atmosphere and the soul

Works with Obatalá to calm the atmosphere

Many times our daily life becomes difficult and full of setbacks, so the tranquility at home or at work becomes complicated especially with relationships.

Whether they are family or work conflicts, all this affects us and to face it we must achieve peace and calm, both in the environment and in our body and spirit.

Here I leave you this work to help you find calm, and softness when your life becomes uneasy.

Why do we entrust ourselves to the power and ashé of the great Orisha Obatala?

Obbatalá in the Yoruba religion He is the owner of our thoughts, creator of our heads, of the human body and ruler in our decisions, he is the Orisha father who will help us achieve what we need, especially peace, wisdom and humility.

It is the African Deity of the white, the pure and the immaculate. Obbatalá is the one who gives us all peace, tranquility and calm.

Babá Obbatalá adores her children with love and with great patience, she will help you achieve peace, trust her blessing.

  • Important: Before doing this work you must first clean your house or business as you always do, so that it is free of external dirt.


How do we do this cleaning with Obatalá to give peace of mind to situations and people?

This cleaning can be done in any space, be it your home, or a business, the important thing is that you put a lot of faith in it.

  1. In a bucket of serene water you should add 1 glass of milk, either goat or cow, a little cascarilla and cocoa butter.
  2. You light the 2 candles in front of Babá Obbatalá if you have it, but you can also do it high.

You ask for the blessing of Babá (father) and you give him knowledge of what you will do so that through his intercession he helps you overcome all the problems you have at home and peace and tranquility arrived.

  1. First you start cleaning the floor of the house with half a bucket of water, always starting from the back to the front and throw that water away. Then with the other half you also do the same.
  2. You let that water dry on the floor and while it dries you crush the rice into a powder.
  3. After the floor is dry, you spread that rice powder around the corners and on the floor of your home, it attracts abundance and is a purifying element.

To keep in mind in spiritual cleansing:

Remember, always clean from back to front, that is, we start at the back of the home, until we reach the front door.

It is better to do the work when the house is clear of people, so you will not have interruptions or obstacles.

Leave that dust in the house as long as possible, the one in the corners can be left there until the next cleaning if possible.

  • This cleaning with Obatala to reassure it will be done once a week for 1 continuous weeks, ask the Orisha father for everything good, ask for health, pray for abundance, love, union and much tranquility.

May peace reach your soul and your home with the protection of Obbatalá! 

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