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Dispossession bath and cleaning with Oggún to remove the Osogbo and attract Iré

Cleaning with Oggún

In the name of the powerful warrior Oggún we will do this bath to evolve and remove bad energies from our path that often hinder the goals we set for ourselves.

Oggún is a leading Osha who, together with Elegguá, Oshosi and Osun form the warriors of the Osha.

In the Yoruba religion, Oggún is the owner of the mountain and with his great strength he overcomes with his machete in hand everything that comes his way and is inopportune.

A bath of luck in the name of Oggún for our evolution

In this bath we will use the powerful Jagüey tree whose scientific name is: (Ficus membranacea. C. Wright). Powerful plant of which Oggún owns.

This tree can with all the woods of the mountain, it has the gift of clarifying luck, it also has healing benefits.

We will also make use of parsley that is used for offal, sanctify, and has purifying and attractive qualities.

  • This bath is very effective and will be 3 or 7 baths.
  • Even if you have not received Oggún, you can do this ritual bath, as long as you put faith and love, the paths will open with its help.


  • 1 bucket with fresh water
  • Jagüey leaves
  • 1 small container
  • Parsley
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • Holy Water
  • Rain water
  • 5 tablespoons honey
  • Perfume or cologne
  • Coconut or odorless soap
  • 1 candle

In case you do not have rainwater, you can substitute the serene water, and the holy water can be from your spiritual vault or from a Church. Although rainwater is already blessed by nature according to my criteria.

If you want to know how to prepare serene water I recommend you read this article "click here"

Remember: Everything you do if it is with faith will move all the positive energies and Oggún will listen to you, trust.

How do we prepare this powerful ritual bath to win with Oggún?

  1. In the bucket of fresh water you will first add the Jagüey leaves.
  2. Then in the small container you will add a handful of parsley and squeezing with your hand you will get the juice, it will be ready when the water is green.
  3. Then strain the parsley leaving only the water.
  4. You light the candle to Oggún, you blow brandy or rum and you also blow tobacco smoke.

You ask for Ogún's blessing and you give thanks for everything he offers you, you make your request and give knowledge of the bath that you will perform in his name.

  1. In the bucket with the jagüey leaves you add a little of that parsley water, add a stream of holy water and a stream of rain or serene water, add 5 tablespoons of honey, and a little perfume for personal use.

Then you go where Oggún light the candle, blow brandy and tobacco smoke, ask for his blessing and give knowledge of what you are going to do and talk with him.

You put the bucket or other container in front of Oggún and leave it for a while, then you remove it and even with the candle lit you take a bath.

The ritual bath must be done with great faith!

To take a bath, you first take the coconut soap or, as we say in Cuba, "laundry soap" (it is like a soap without perfume) and you begin to lather your body, cleaning yourself of impurities.

The jagüey leaves will serve as a scourer (sponge) because with them you will scrub your body while you ask Oggún, so that all types of Osogbos (curses and dark energies) that may haunt us go away.

  • While you are taking a shower you are going to make the next request in Yoruba to Oggún, next to it I have placed its translation into Spanish for those who do not know its meaning.

Request to Oggún to move the Osogbo away and bring Iré:

In the name of Oggún and with his blessing
Removing Osogbo Iña (discussions)
Osogbo Ikú (death)
Osogbo Aro (disease)
Osogbo Eyó (tragedy)
Osogbo Fitiwó (sudden death)
Osogbo Ogú (witchcraft)
Osogbo Ashelú (policeman)

Bringing Iré Erí (luck for my own head)
I will go Owó (money)
Iré Chinché (employment)
I will go Elese Oggún (well through Oggún)
I'll go Achegún Otá. (Good luck to overcome difficulties)

How do we continue this cleaning bath with Oggún?

  • Then you pour the remaining prepared water, always from the shoulders down, and rinse with clear water.
  • Do not towel dry so that the essence of the bath remains on your body and then you dress in white.

Do not forget to clean the shower after the ritual, and take the baths according to your situation between 3 or 7 days.

Important: If you already have Osha remember that before doing this cleaning with Oggún you must look at your ewes (prohibitions) in order to use the plants of this ritual.

Maferefún Oggún! May his blessing reach you with health and strength.

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