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Cleaning at the foot of San Lázaro for development and evolution

Cleaning with Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazarus is the patron saint of the poorMerciful and just saint, benevolent and healer of the sick, we entrust ourselves to him in this ritual to help us.

We have a lot of faith in Saint Lazarus Blessed for his works and great miracles, and he not only offers us health but prosperity to be able to achieve what we need on the path of life.

  • You will do this work and cleaning in front of the statue or image you have of Saint Lazarus Blessed.
Print of Saint Lazarus
Print of Saint Lazarus


  • 17 slices of bread or 17 round loaves
  • Corojo butter
  • Dry wine
  • Tobacco
  • Wicker basket or clay or white plate
  • 2 candles
  • Cartridge paper (brown or kraft paper)

As simple as this work is in terms of preparation, it does not mean that it is not effective, it is a firm and effective cleaning, you must have a lot of faith in it.

How do we prepare the offering in the name of the Miraculous Saint Lazarus?

First, take into account how you are going to use the bread, for example, if the bread is long, you cut it into 17 slices and if they are round it will also be 17.

The important thing is to meet this amount, it is the number that represents the saint.

  1. You spread corojo butter on each slice or round bread and you place them preferably in a basket or on a plate.
  2. You light 2 candles in front of San Lázaro for a while, the same ones that you must light for 7 consecutive days, a little each day.
  3. You ask old Lazarus for his blessing, you blow dry wine and tobacco smoke, and then you put the basket of bread in front of Saint Lazarus.
  4. Make your request with great faith and love for the saint, never ask for evil, pray for health, prosperity and open roads.

You can invoke the old man San Lázaro with the following prayer:

After seven days we will carry out the cleaning:

This offering will be for you to cleanse yourself on the seventh day with all the loaves, you gradually clean your body with each loaf, starting with the head and ending with the feet.

Then, you are going to put the breads on the brown paper and when you finish you must wrap everything and blow tobacco smoke and dry wine into the package to finish the cleaning.

  • You must take the offering later to the mountain and leave it with a few pennies of right to the Saint, always with faith, and humility, do not forget it.

I hope that this cleansing with Saint Lazarus brings you a lot of prosperity, open paths and above all a lot of health, so that everything in your life is abundant and beautiful.

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