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Cleaning in the house with Coco for Eleggúa This work is very powerful!

Eleggua Coconut Cleaning

Many times we find things in our home that do not work as they should be, or we have problems at work, arguments at home, or the money does not arrive, and a great negative energy is felt around us, like a great weight.

For this cleaning in the house with a coconut (in the Yoruba language Obi means coconut) we will begin by asking for the permission of all the beings that accompany us.añan Light and progress for them! and the blessing of Eleggúa, so that this work gives us a lot of firmness, health and prosperity.

Asking Eleggúa's permission to perform the ritual on her behalf

Above all, he must give Eleggúa knowledge of what he is going to do on his behalf.

If you do not have Eleggúa, then you must still give knowledge to this in your mind and when setting the candle.

Cleaning with the coconut has a great spiritual meaning, you must do it with a lot of faith and trust.

This work is very simple but also very powerful, remember to put your mind and heart in it.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 Obi (coconut)
  • Holy Water
  • 1 white candle
  • Cascarilla
  • White plate
  • A paper bag
  • An incense burner (tool used to burn incense)
  • Coal
  • Church incense or myrrh
  • Eau de cologne
  • White flowers
  • White scarf or keel (to put on the head)
  • Ammonium (you can use ammonia)

Preparation of the work to Elegguá:

  1. To carry out this powerful cleaning, we are going to wash the coconut with holy water to remove any impurities that the fruit may have collected.
  2. We must paint the coconut white with cascarilla and put it on a white plate.

The next step will vary depending on whether you have Eleggúa or not:

  • If you do not have Eleggúa, the plate will take you along with the white candle to the back of the house (inside the house).
  • If he has Eleggúa, then he will put a candle where he has it and in front of him put his plate with that coconut.
  1. Light our candle and leave Obi "the coconut" for 3 consecutive days, if he starts on Monday much better.
  2. During those 3 days Obi is asked with that same candle (it must last 3 days), to take away the bad, to get away from everything that you cannot get rid of and away from you.
  3. On the third day with a broom or your left foot, start rolling the coconut and ask that your house be cleaned of all evil.  

¡Remember which is always from back to front and the coconut cannot catch it by hand!

  1. It is essential to pass the coconut under the bed and for this you can use the broom, the coconut must enter from one side and exit from the other.
  2. When you finish cleaning the front of the house, you will have a paper bag in your left hand, then you will put Obi inside that bag.
  3. He will go to a mountain and break there (he will throw it hard against the ground) the coconut.

At the time of breaking it, go saying that while you break that coconut, let all the bad things go away inside your home and the good things come.

Incense to activate good energies:

On the way home, take the incense burner, put your charcoal and on top of the myrrh or Church incense and pass it throughout the house, also asking that all good things come into your home.

Cleaning to ward off all kinds of curses:

Then prepare a bucket with water, cascarilla, white flowers, eau de cologne, ammonia (which drives away the dark dead) and holy water, and he will proceed to clean his entire house from back to front.

The keel protects and cares for you - use it!

Remember that the white scarf or keel will be worn for the duration of your work, that is, the 3 days that you will speak to Eleggúa, when you go to the mountains to break it and when you are cleaning the house.

Make sure you have all your items ready so that you can clean Eleggúa with coconut without obstacles.

If you do not know some of the ingredients or products that are used in this work, I recommend you visit a religious articles store in your city, they are all very cheap and it will not be difficult to find them.

With all my heart I hope that you will be able to attract into your life everything you want, but above all a lot of health and prosperity.

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