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6 Simple Ways to do a Spiritual Cleanse at home and ward off evil

Spiritual house cleaning

Many are the times in which in our own home we are harassed by bad feelings, as if bad energies had taken over our personal space, that which we protect as our most intimate place.

Sometimes we wake up out of breath and with little desire to face the day to day and this can also be due to the accumulation of negative energies in our home, which we must fight to avoid this type of sensation.

Why should we do a spiritual cleaning at home?

Stress and tiredness often instill and call out bad vibes, which will make us more and more meditative and unhappy, so our first advice is always to dedicate a little free time to release the load through meditation or the prayer.

This way we will feel lighter and we will face better what each day brings us.

We must also be very calm and keep faith, be happy with ourselves and not push ourselves to the point of exhaustion. All this will help to remove those bad energies that can affect us and alter our personal balance.

Likewise, we must bear in mind that an orderly, clean house in which we feel safe will guarantee a good environment for personal development.

Both dust and clutter can cause energy to not flow and remain stagnant, so it is essential to keep our home orderly and with a pleasant environment.

6 beautiful ways to get the good vibes back at home:

So get to work and organize your home until it looks nice, clean and airy and you will see how your mood improves.

In addition, if you notice that bad energies surround you, we propose 6 simple ways that will keep them away and clean your home of that negative influence:

1. How to clean the house of bad energy and envy with cinnamon?

How to clean the house of bad energies and envy with cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the favorite spices for rituals and spells of purification, cleansing and elimination of negative energy.

This spice, used in a simple way, will help positive energy to reign in our home, purifying it and leaving it free from negative influences and bad vibrations. In addition, cinnamon will help us attract good luck, love and money.

Very simple but powerful rituals:

So if we put a stick of cinnamon on the door of the house we will be protected from envy and bad eyes.

Also mixing powdered cinnamon and honey in a bowl can help us achieve love and live a great passion.

To eliminate bad energy, we can also burn pieces of cinnamon stick so that its smoke cleans all rooms and drives away bad vibrations from the environment.

We can also añaAdd a little cinnamon to the water that we use to clean the home, because with it we will not only leave a wonderful smell in the rooms, but it will also improve the spiritual energy.

2. Light a yellow candle to ward off bad

Light yellow candle

This ritual to cleanse our home of bad energy is also very simple and effective and will allow us to better enjoy our personal spaces.

What is the meaning of lighting a yellow candle in our home?

We must know that yellow candles have a spiritual connotation associated with the protection and purification of spaces, so they will be our best allies to banish everything bad from our home.

We just need to place a yellow candle in the center of the room and light it in the afternoon. Thus, the aroma of the wax and the heat will generate a purifying environment that will make us feel lighter and happier.

3. Incense with different purifying herbs

Herb incense

Sahumado is one of the oldest practices carried out by various cultures since ancient times, which is when we let fragrant and spiritual herbs burn to ward off bad vibes from our space.

The smoke purifies and frees the spaces from the weight of diseases, evils and dense energies.

For this type of energetic ritual that attracts positive energy, we need an original incense or a clay bowl to light the herb that we are going to burn.

Then we place the incense or the bowl in the living room, or in the different spaces of the house and let the smoke flow and clean everything bad that is around us.

For this cleansing we use aromatic and powerfully spiritual herbs, with cleansing and purifying properties, which are used in magical rituals and attract clean and luminous energies, for example:

  • Rosemary, powerful spiritual herb that attracts health and good vibes
  • White sage, healing herb that drives away inappropriate vibrations and evil spirits, and attracts beneficial spirits
  • Laurel, the plant that heals and protects, in addition to purifying the home and banishing dark energies.

4. Move furniture to ensure positive energy flows

Arrange furniture for good energy

As we explained before, keeping the habitations and furniture in your home in the same way can stagnate the flow of energies.

If we also accumulate unnecessary objects and do not maintain good hygiene at home, we give rise to the proliferation of bad vibes.

So we must clean and move furniture to benefit the environment of our home and keep the spirit renewed and motivating.

5. Energy cleaning with crystals

Energy cleaning with crystals

Spiritual crystals and stones always help us to banish negative energies. Many people, for example, use white quartz as a personal amulet against negative energies and bad eyes.

In the house we can also hang crystals in the rooms, and they will help us to combat any negative vibration in the environment.

Among the most spiritual crystals and stones are:

  • Tourmaline: Black stone that helps to clean and purify, connecting with the earth.
  • Crystal quartz: enhances luminous or healing energy. They calm and bring purity.
  • Amethyst: It is one of the most famous quartz of the moment, its violet color transforms energy.
  • Green quartz: It connects us with the natural, brings healing energy and good health.

6. Water and vinegar to clean bad energy

Water and vinegar for bad energies

Water and vinegar are two very spiritual elements that, in combination, can help us clean the house of bad energies, since the power of these essences attracts good vibes.

How to clean with vinegar and water?

We must clean the floors of all the habitaHousehold solutions with water and vinegar, mixing equal amounts and spreading it over all the surfaces of the house.

Then we spread the liquid all over the floor. Until we get to the door, where we dump the mixture.

This will eliminate the bad energies concentrated in the corners of our home and will make us feel more secure and calm.

Powerful rituals and spiritual advice:

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