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Work to activate your dead and spirits of the spiritual picture

Spiritual house cleaning

The spirits of our spiritual picture must be cared for correctly and not forgotten.

But if you are one of those people who treats their dead every week, sit in their spiritual vault, say their prayers, speak to their spirits and see that they are not progressing and feel just as distressed, then you must carefully observe what is happening.

Spiritual cleaning of the house to attract light and ward off darkness:

Marpacific flower
Marpacific flower for ritual

Here I leave this effective and simple recipe to raise the spiritual picture in your home, raise positive energies and banish negative ones.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 white candle
  • Large container such as a basin or bucket
  • Tobacco
  • Cascarilla
  • Dry wine (in Cuba we use dry wine for cooking; you can also use a wine that is "dry" and not sweet)
  • Schnapps
  • Pacific Ocean Flowers (also known as Hibiscus)

How to prepare this spiritual cleansing STEP BY STEP?

  1. You light the candle in the vault to give light, if you do not have a vault you can light it in a corner on the floor, but make sure that corner is clean.
  2. You take the container and inside it you pour a good amount of Pacific Sea flowers, then pour water and go with both hands squeezing them, in such a way that their essence is released from them.
  3. When having everything well diluted you strain it and already strained you add cascarilla, you blow brandy and dry wine.
  4. You light the tobacco and smoke it inside.
  5. You place the container in front of your vault or candle and ask your protective spirits for their blessing.

You give them knowledge of the content of the water that you prepared and that you will give a flushing (cleaning) from the inside to the outside of your home so that the good vibes and connections between you are maintained, in order to achieve the tranquility and peace that you need.

  • You will leave the container with the water prepared for cleaning for a while in front of the vault or at rest.

For the ritual I recommend the following:

Having the candle still lit when you are washing the house, remember to start from the back to the front, you must finish the cleaning at the front door of the house.

If you can leave that water on the floor for a long time and then clean normally.

I recommend that if you can leave that water on the floor overnight, much better. 

May the blessing of your protective spirits protect you, open the paths for you, and bring you much health and abundance.

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