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Eliminating deadlocks! Very powerful spiritual cleansing

Spiritual cleaning of the home

When we find ourselves stuck we turn to spiritual cleansing and baths. But many times we can take several baths and we do not solve.

Have you felt this distressing sensation? Well, it is when you must think that something is not working well.

If you spiritually clean your body, but you do not clean your house, your business, your car, your environment, you will continue with that heaviness on top because you eliminate on the one hand and collect on the other.

Cleaning the home, spaces and objects on behalf of the guides and protectors

Lilies for spiritual cleaning of the home
Lilies for spiritual cleansing

With this cleaning you can also make something that you want to sell and it takes time to become firm, it becomes possible.

E.g.If you want to sell a car, or your house, an object or good, you can do this cleaning to that specific element and you will see how you get good results.

It is a work in general to open the way for you and that you can develop positively. That is why we do it on behalf of our guides and protectors, beings of light that accompany us every day.añaand guide our steps.

Always keep in mind that the faith and will that you put into everything you do are essential and important to achieve your goals.


  • Container 
  • Serene water (To learn how to prepare it below we leave you an article)
  • 1 candle
  • Cascarilla
  • Honey bee
  • Florida Water or Soft Eau de toilette like Violets

Plants that we will use in the work:

Herbs for spiritual cleansing of the home
Herbs: Marigold, Cotton, Paradise and Buttercup
  • Marigold or carnation (Scientific name: Mirabilis jalapa L.)
  • Cotton (Gossypium barbadense.Lin)
  • Paradise (Melia azedarach L.)
  • Buttercup (Melampodium Divarica Tum auct)
  • Daylilies (Polianthes tuberosa), in case you cannot find a substitute for an aromatic flower.

How do we prepare this spiritual ritual to open paths?

  1. In the container that can be a basin you must pour water and put it to calm the night before. In other words, a place where you can be serene all night.
  2. The next day before sunrise you remove it.
  3. You will use these plants only their leaves, except the lily, which will be their aromatic flowers that we will use.
  4. You remove the leaves and start with your two hands to squeeze them, so that they release their essence into the water.
  5. Now you put that container in front of you spiritual vault and light a candle to the vault. If you don't have, you can place it on the floor.

If you don't know what a Spiritual Vault is, I recommend the following reading: What is Vault? CLICK HERE

  1. Then you give knowledge to your guiding and protective spirits of what you are going to clean and the reason why you want them to help you achieve it.
  2. You cast in the water cascarilla, honey and Florida water. In the following text we explain in detail the powers and uses of Florida water.

You will do these cleanings with the powerful water that we prepare for 3 days in a row and always with the candle lit while you clean.

Spiritual baths with prepared water:

You can also take baths on your body but eliminating the Maravilla plant, all the other elements are prepared in the same way. You can also do them for 3 days in a row.

The baths will be from the shoulders down, respecting the head and leaving that water on the body, that is, without drying with the towel so that the essence stays longer on your skin.

Preferably you can do them before sleeping and wear light or white clothes, to attract good energy and a lot of peace.

May the blessing of your guiding and protective spirits accompany you with God's blessing and bring you much health, love and protection.

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