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Cleaning so that your house is favored by the «Good Spirits»

Spiritual and energetic cleansing at home

Here is another spiritual cleansing very old, effective and powerful so that everything flows in your houses and the negative influences disappear and your home is renewed with positive vibes.

From times past we have practiced spiritual cleansings that are perfect for restoring and purifying us. You may not believe in bad energy, but I always recommend doing energy cleaning at home, even once a month.

¡Surely you have ever felt bad at home ignoring why and you can also feel presences without anyone being there! 

Well, it is at that moment that you must keep in mind to strip your house, take care of yourself and your family of those dark energies that even if we do not want to, they stick to us and at the same time close the roads.

How is this spiritual and energetic cleansing done at home?

We all have good spirits that take care of us and protect us from envy, evil and bad eyes, you must trust them.

We will do this work so that those protective spirits and guides, beings of light that accompany usañan every day and give us your protection shelter our home with your blessing.

Original writing

My brother:

The Grace of God be in your house.

  • If you want to attract good astral influences;
  • if you want your house to be favored by good spirits:

Scrub the floor of your habitation every month, the first Saturday of the month in the mañana, with clear water and special herbs.

You can scrub the floor by making a bunch of:

  • pinion,
  • bitter broom or
  • green scourer.

Placing those herbs on the flushing broom.

After scrubbing, you will burn some myrrh, frankincense and benzoin along with charcoal.

Try to clear the corners of useless junk and throw away old and useless clothes and shoes.

Shake and clean all the furniture, clothes and belongings in the house and water the walls with holy water.

Do not keep anything dirty or broken and when you finish cleaning say a prayer for a good spiritual success.

Other powerful cleanses I recommend:

Remember that any work you do, including this spiritual and energetic cleaning at home, is essential that you do it with all confidence and faith.

Your protective guides, beings of light that accompany youañan, your ancestors and Guardian Angel will guide your steps, just trust your intuition.

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