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Cleaning and bathing with Oshún to ward off the negative

Oshún Baths

Cleaning and bathing on behalf of our beautiful Oshun or for our Virgin of Charity of Copper they are always made with love, faith and joy.

If we are upset by any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem, we must always be smiling, in harmony with our Orisha and with our environment. In those moments of sadness and negativity, you will not achieve anything if you regret and do not do something to resolve your situation.

When you decide to perform any ritual, bath, stripping, washing or other spiritual work, if it does not carry positive vibes, it will not achieve good results.

Especially when you talk and offer something to our Oshún, feel beautiful and possess all that is good.

Ingredients you need:

  • 2 containers, one for washing and one for bathing
  • 10 sunflowers (5 for washing and 5 for bathing)
  • Cascarilla 
  • Florida water or colony (for personal use)
  • Honey
  • Cornmeal (for flushing only)
  • 1 yellow, gold or white candle  

House cleaning with Oshún:

As you do?

  1. With a dirty house you will not achieve anything, first you will have to have your house clean.
  2. Then we have to do the cleaning at the entrance of the house, for this you will take the container of the washdown, añawe gave water and you will strip five sunflowers, añaof cascarilla, Florida water, honey and cornmeal.
  3. Before mixing the elements you can squeeze and squeeze the sunflower petals very well and remove them from the container. 
  4. You will light the candle while doing your cleaning and in front of Oshún or the image of Caridad del Cobre you will give him knowledge of what you are going to do:

Mother Oshún, Virgencita de la Caridad, I venerate you and as your daughter / or I say thank you for everything, I need you to help me as always and with your sacred blessing I will do a wash home with (and you mention the ingredients of the wash) and also a bath with (mentions the ingredients of the bath). I hope you do me charity to bring to my house the development that I need. I trust you.

  1. With this, mixture you will do your cleaning at the entrance of the door of your house.

Baths with sunflowers for Oshún:

After cleaning at home, for this sweet bath in the name of our mother Oshún, we must take the container for the bath with the remaining elements, 5 sunflowers, perfume, cascarilla and honey, not including corn.

While taking the bath, remember to ask the powerful Oshún, feel how the prepared water cleanses your body and spirit.

When finished, if the candle is still lit, let it burn out. Ask with her that this Oshún bath will serve to attract love, luck and abundance.

Remember to put all your faith, love and devotion for our Oshún in everything you do, ask from the heart, with the conviction that what you are requesting will have good results, and it will always be for your good.

Do not forget that sometimes we receive something different, but without a doubt that will be what suits us, you will receive the answers to your questions at the right time. Blessings.

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