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The sacred word of Ifá says: "What happens is convenient" DO NOT doubt it

What happens is convenient

On a certain occasion a stranger came to a town, he came in search of luck and fortune.

When the villagers saw him they were envious of him and many thought that he was lazy and that he had no real intentions to improve in life.

Pataki where the evil of the enemy strengthened the way of the stranger

The newcomer went to see the king of the city whom he asked to work as a farmer, so this incredulous of his intentions sent him to work on a hill.

These lands being very fertile as they are continuously bañadas by the water of the waterfall so their crops were the most succulent in that region.

After a few months the king moved abroad to a plain, where he had to start from scratch and he did, but he had Olofin's blessing and every day it rained, his crops being prosperous after a few months.

Obstacles on the way made the farmer stronger and stronger

The king did not understand how the farmer managed to get out of every obstacle that this put him, so the obstacles in his way continued to appear this time with more frequency.

On the third occasion he was transferred, but this time his movement had nefarious intentions, since the king had sent him to the mountain so that Oggún could execute him.

The stranger, who had become suspicious of the monarch's conduct, decided to visit orunmila for you to consult.

Orula marks Ebbó on the mountain to ward off enemies

When the soothsayer registered it, Ifá warned the farmer that he should do ebbó, because his enemies longed for his death and could set a trap for him.

At the time the ebbó was carried out, Orunmila told him that he should deposit it in the mountains, because in this place all the problems related to him would be dissolved.

to the mañaNext, the farmer left with his ebbo towards the house of the Orisha, owner of the iron, depositing the package inside the mountain.

The one who makes ebbó and listens to the advice of Ifá is always saved!

After a long walk he met Oggun, who put him to the test by giving him a great workload, as the stranger was adapted to the big days, he was able to successfully meet all of Oggún's demands.

Oggún was astonished to see that the farmer was a man of great work discipline, so he sympathized with him and not only spared his life, he also promised to let everyone know about his worth, giving him faith even of fame and fortune.

Years later with the help of the Orisha, the farmer prospered and was able to give his family a comfortable life free of worries.

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