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The 16 Ifa Commandments for mutual respect and support

The 16 commandments of ifá

La Yoruba religion also responds to 16 Ifá commandments, which are like the rules of the Ocha-Ifá for all santeros and believers.

These are precepts that, according to legend, were indicated and decreed when the 16 elders (Oddun) asked if they would remain on earth as Olodumare had indicated.

Thus, Ifá commandments They were made to maintain balance and peace in life on earth, and must be fulfilled by all those members of the Yoruba religion, since they are designs that speak of honor and integrity.

Called Moral commandments of the Odun of Ifá Ika Fun They include 16 precepts that speak of harmony, peace and support among all believers.

We explain them below:

16 Commandments of Ifá Ika Fun

1. Awó does not say what he does not know

 The believer should not express himself on subjects about which he has no knowledge.

2. Awó does not perform rituals, if he does not have the knowledge to perform them.

The Babalawo, Santeros or Santeras, should only carry out the ceremonies if they have the appropriate knowledge, because a failure exposes their integrity as a religious and can put the destiny of the person to whom they are giving it at risk.

3. Awó does not drive on false roads.

 When a person seeks guidance and advice, the believer should never cloud his understanding, but help him see things clearly.

4. Awó no engaña never to your peers.

No person should be led to believe by words and actions, which is not true, just to get a benefit in return

5. Awó does not pretend to be wise

A believer should not talk about his broad knowledge and depth of understanding on religious subjects or any other matter.

6. Awó must be humble

The Babalawo, Santero or Santera cannot be superb. On the contrary, the Yoruba religion advocates the modesty and honesty of its members.

7. Awó must not have bad intentions with his fellow men

It has been explained many times that evil should not be asked for anyone in prayers.

8. Awó must not break taboos

 You should not go against the designs of religion

9. Awó must maintain the hygiene of the sacred instruments.

 Respect for deities is, above all, in the care of tools, both personal and those used to work in religion.

10. Awo must maintain the cleanliness of the temples.

The space where the Orishas are found is sacred and must be respected to obtain their blessings.

11. Awó must respect those who are weaker

Consideration for all others.

12. Awó must respect his elders

An essential aspect of the Yoruba religion is respect for the elderly, for their teachings and their experience in life.

13. Awó must respect moral laws

 Not only the norms that govern the Yoruba religion, but the moral precepts that dictate the correct order of society.

14. Awó does not betray

Lack of loyalty or fidelity in the Yoruba religion is punished. The commitment of loyalty to those around us is very important to believers.

15. Awó will not reveal the secrets

 No religious should share information between a group of people, on religious aspects.

16. Awó respects his fellow men

This precept proposes consideration and respect for all people, regardless of their beliefs or social position.

The 16 commandments of Ifá must be followed and respected by all the devotees of the Yoruba religion, always maintaining faith, love and humility for our religious brothers.

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