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The 38 roads of Oshún and their meaning

The roads of Oshún

Orisha Oshun, beautiful deity, mistress of sweet rivers, happy, smiling, religiously rigorous, if she is offended the punishment arrives, goddess of love, is intense in feelings, appetite (wife) of orunmila.

She lived in a cave that still exists in Nigeria, was born near the riverside and the sea, dresses in white and yellow, daughter of Nana Buruku y Constitution.

Oshún had children with: Obatalá, Oddua, Shango, Orunmila and Inle.

With Oddua he had Oloshe (girl), with Orunmila he had Poroye (girl), with Inle he had Logun Ede (androgynous), and with Shango the ibeyis.

With whom he had the most children was Obbatalá, it is said that that is why the Omo Oshún (sons of Oshún) consecrate many Sodo Orishas (ceremony in which the Ashé is given to the Iyawó) of Obbatalá in their religious life.

Oshún at the beginning of the creation of the Earth, was a cook for the Orishas, ​​they did not value her and that is why she drove everyone crazy with her powders, until one day they took her into account.

Characteristics of the Orisha Oshún:

She is the only one who, being the least Orisha, can supply everyone, including Obatala.

Oshún is said to have changed his long hair to Yemaya She made beautiful hairstyles with very beautiful colored fabrics and with her remaining hair, and thus the science of cosmetics was born.

She lived with Obbatalá Ayágguna (on the way to Obbatalá) but she left him because he ate Igbin (snail) and for her it was forbidden.

She is a highly revered deity in Nigeria for participating in the creation of the fetus in the womb, together with Yemayá, she presides over the embryo and Baba Obbatalá is the one who gives it shape and the Ashé of the word, so that Eleda (Osha spirits protector of the initiate ) of Constitution come down.

She is the only one who can hear Oro (king and lord of the dead and their world).

The captivating sympathy with which Oshún fascinates us in all its stages and in each of the peculiarities of his life, is known as roads (Oddun).

How many roads does Oshún have?

Oshún has a total of 38 roads, in each of them according to the Patakis (stories) the deity manifests different characteristics and qualities, has a different way of acting, behaving, status, even in each of them lives a different lifestyle, which many of us are not used to hearing, because very few paths are known.

Roads and their meaning:

Roads of OshúnMeaning and main characteristics
1Oshun Kole kolé, Akalá Kalá, Ikolé, Ibú Kolé."The one who collects and recovers the garbage and dust." He watches over the house and lives in a clay jar.
2Oshun Ibu Akuaro.Young, hard-working and never hurts.
3Oshun Ololodi or I olodí.The revolutionary. She is a warrior, she likes to fight with irons and machetes.
4Oshun Ibu Aña.Owner of the drums.
5Oshun Ibu Inani or Añan.Famous for the discussion is the one who likes to argue.
6Oshun Ibu Yumu.That which makes the belly grow without the woman being pregnant. She is deaf and extremely beautiful.
7Oshun Ibu Oddonki.The one who lives where the stream is born. Owner of the currents.
8Oshun Ibu Oggale.The one who likes keys and Owner of the keys. She is old, warrior and grumpy.
9Oshun Ibu Okuanda.The one that goes on Death was thrown dead in the river.
10Oshun Ibu Addesa.She who has the safe crown, "she is the crown." Owner of the peacock.
11Oshún Ibu Ayede or Ayade.The one who is the queen. He maintains ties with Eleguá.
12Oshún Ibu Okuase or Akuase Oddo.The one who was born dead from the river.
13Oshún Gumí, Bomó or Bumí.It is a walker, it represents the river shrimp, it eats deer and only white animals.
14Oshun Eleke Oñi.The one who carries honey in her heart. Hard-working, noble, of good character, the one who works the most and fights.
15Oshun Ibu Itumu.Warrior and fierce Amazon, she has the spirit of a man.
16Oshun Aremu Kondiano.the one on the mountainaña, the most mysterious, called "the Obatalá of the river." She is dressed in white and is Ozainist.
17Oshún Ibu Semi or Seni.Habita in the small inlets on the river bank.
18Oshun Ibu Fondae.Warrior, always armed with her swords and with parrot feathers on her head.
19Oshun Ibu Odoko.Farmer with a very strong spirit. I always accompaniedañaday of Orisha Oko.
20Oshún Ibu Awayemi or Awuayemi.She is blind, carries a horse and 5 bronze rods. Live with Asojuano y orunmila.
21Oshún Ibu Eledan or Elenda.Owner of the nostrils, she carries an ax, two long spears, and a crown.
22Oshun Idere Lekun.He hides in the caves with a mask, his face is deformed. Control the drum and dance to the rhythm of the waves.
23Oshun Ibu Añare or Iñare.Habita about riches and money. It is always on top of the sand on the beach.
24Oshun Ibu Agandara.He walks with a lock and sits on a chair, his favorite food is yam.
25Oshún Ibu Tinibu or Timibu.He loves to ride the river by boat, but he only comes out at night.
26Oshun Oroyobi.Creator of the banks of the river with the sand that Olokun gave her. His favorite delicacy is salmon.
27Oshún Yeyé Moró or Yeyé Kari or Ibu Siegan.The most cheerful, flirtatious, dancer and partying. Owner of the mirror and queen of coquetry.
28Oshun Ibu Latie Elegba.He lives in the middle of the river, eats on a pumpkin and wears no crown.
29Oshun Ede.She is a great lady, perfect hostess, she loves music. Creator of beauty and elegance.
30Oshun Ibu Aja Jura.Warrior by nature, she wears a helmet instead of a crown.
31Oshun Miwa.Her infidelity defines her, she adores herself but does not ride.
32Oshun Ibu Oddoi.He wears a crown adorned with a sunflower. It is the dry river, the channel without water.
33Oshun Kayode.Owner of the dance. Cheerful, helpful and luxurious.
34Oshun Sekese.She is characterized by the seriousness of her character.
35Oshun Fumike.She adores children, is kind, and helps barren women.
36Oshun Funke.Wise and intelligent, possessor of great knowledge, understands erotic mysteries.
37Oshun Niwe.He is a deity of the mountain, he lives in the bush.
38Oshun Awe.She remains sad and with dirty clothes, grieving next to Iku (death). It is the exception of the cheerful and clean Oshún.

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