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The 7 Archangels and their day of the week When do we celebrate them?

The 7 archangels and their day of the week

The seven best known archangels They are Miguel, Jofiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel and Zadquiel.

They are our spiritual guides and those who can intercede for us before God, since their fundamental mission is to protect us and guide us through life.

To honor them, invoke them and place orders, we must know that there are specific days of the week for each of them.

However, let's be clear that we can go to the 7 archangels at any time of need or desperate situation, to ask for their help and their heavenly advice.

They will listen to us and help us find the solution.

To pray to the 7 archangels, keep in mind that we must do it in a place that is clean, orderly and quiet, away from other people, so that no one can interrupt us.

Colors of candles that we can light to invoke them in their day:

We can light candles whose color should be depending on the particular archangel from whom we are requesting help.

  • Archangel Miguel- Blue or red candle
  • Jofiel- Yellow candle
  • Chamuel- Pink candle
  • Gabriel- White candle
  • Rafael- Green candle
  • Uriel- Orange or gold candle
  • Zadquiel- Purple candle

Before we can purify the candles with olive oil and aromatize the prayer space with incense to better concentrate and harmonize our energy.

Which Archangel corresponds to each day of the week?

Let's see what is the day of the week for each of the 7 archangels, the best time to pray to them:

Sunday, the day that belongs to Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Miguel is the prince of angels. Saint Michael the Archangel for the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, is the head of the armies of God, protector of the Church and the first of the seven archangels.

We ask him for protection from all evil. He is also invoked to ask for protection and security against evils, and many call him when they are about to start a trip or a transfer.

  • The candles that are offered must be blue.

Monday, the one that belongs to Archangel Jofiel.

How to summon the archangel Jophiel

His name means "light of God". He provides alertness and wisdom to make the right decision at the right time.

Jophiel is the guide who helps us advance in this existence, as he is the archangel "in charge of justice, impartiality and harmony."

He is the one who observes all the angels and archangels to make sure if they are working and it is said that, in the final judgment, he executes the sentences against the wicked.

He is the Archangel of intelligence, wisdom and enlightenment and we invoke him in asking for inspiration and concentration.

  • Sailing to pray to him is orange or gold

Tuesday, Archangel Chamuel protects us this day

A Prayer to the archangel Samuel

Its name means "He who seeks God" and is the archangel of love.

He is said to be the "in charge of the resurrected" and the one who answers how long the righteous must wait for their reward.

Your mission on Earth is to help heal grudges and jealousy and protect those in love. It is also invoked to ask for love, to stimulate relationships with friends and colleagues, and to protect against envy.

  • Sailing that corresponds to it is the pink one.

Wednesday, a day that belongs to the Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel

His name means "strength of God". He is the archangel of purity and is the protector of pregnant women.

Gabriel is the messenger sent by God to certain people.

He is the employer of:

  • Telecommunications and communication workers,
  • of postmen and postal workers and
  • of ambassadors and diplomats.

It is associated with purity and may be required to communicate to convey specific messages. We also request your protection and intercession before God.

  • Sailing that is used in his prayer can be white or silver.

Thursday, day of protection of the Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael

His name means "God heals". He is the archangel of healing and is not only linked to health, but to will and optimism.

Raphael is the archangel responsible for healing and is one of the three pilgrim patrons.

His action may be asked to heal illnesses and problems, ease anguish, and protect general health.

  • We turn it on green candles.

Friday, day for invocations to Archangel Uriel.

Prayer to invoke the archangel Uriel

His name means "fire of God" and is the archangel of abundance.

He is one of the ruling princes of the Seraphim and the Cherubim, ruler of the Sun and the angel of salvation, symbol of the light and the stars.

We invoke it to ask for prosperity, abundance and economic tranquility. It also assists us with labor difficulties.

  • You pray with a yellow candle for prosperity requests and a red one for those related to working life

Saturday, it belongs to Archangel Zadquiel.

Invocation prayer to Archangel Zadkiel

His name means "justice of God". He is the one who provides the ability to forgive.

It is said that he is the angel "in charge of the spirits of men who sin" and therefore, he brings the cause of humans before God.

He is the angel of joy, freedom and diplomacy, and it is said that he can be invoked in an attempt to change the negative into the positive. It helps to solve problems and difficult situations in life.

  • We invoke them with a purple candle.

¿On what date do we celebrate the 7 archangels?

Although in ancient times each archangel had a specific date on which the faithful celebrated it and thanked all its blessings, currently the festival takes place only one day.

  • September 29 is the International Day of the Archangels, a festival that was previously dedicated to the Archangel Michael, since that day of the XNUMXth century, a basilica was dedicated to him in Italy.

But during the liturgical reform of 1969, the festivities of the archangels were unified, so that day is celebrated for all.

Every September 29, the faithful thank the 7 archangels for the clarity they give us to solve the problems in our life and to learn to cope with fear, anger or anxiety through inner wisdom.

It is celebrated at archangels el September 29 in various ways:

  • Some people follow Ecclesiastical Laws and greet this day through fasting and confession to draw closer to the angels and to God.
  • Others carry out activities to commemorate the help of angels according to what numerous legends tell.
  • Some connect their energy with these sacred beings, in order to balance the spirit and harmonize their personal power.

Many are those who invoke the archangels and make special requests focused on different aspects of their lives.

It is only necessary to raise simple prayers with gratitude and humility to ask for the light and love of the almighty to come through his angels.

Learn more about the divine world of the archangels and their powers:

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