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The 7 Archangels and their colors What candles should we use when invoking them?

The 7 archangels and their colors

Archangels are beings of light, God's soldiers sent to Earth to maintain order and help humans profess faith.

Each archangel has different powers, with which they intervene to help human beings.

Justice, peace, forgiveness and redemption are among the main supports that these beings can provide to the people who pray to them and invoke them asking for their help and blessings.

There are 7 archangels, each of them with a unique and special gift.

To invoke them and ask for their guidance and light, we must bear in mind that they are identified with a different color, with which we must decorate the candle for prayer.

Let's see what are the colors that identify the 7 archangels and the qualities and virtues they possess to help us in life and intercede for us with their protection and heavenly blessings.

Meaning of the 7 archangels and their colors:

Image of the Archangel San Miguel

Archangel Michael, the color blue represents strength and protection

It is Michael, the guide of the armies of God against the forces of evil. The color blue represents bravery, struggle, courage, strength and protection.

Also as the archangel of peace and justice, the color blue symbolizes spirituality and equity among men.

Michael is the one who guards the keys to heaven, which is why he is also known as the prince of the archangels.

Archangel Gabriel, the white color represents the purity of the spirit

Archangel Gabriel

The archangel gabriel He is the messenger of God, the one who guides us and protects us and intercedes for human souls. We call it through the white color.

  • This tone symbolizes purity, sacredness, love, subtlety and humility that comes from the perfect creation of the lord, the ultimate creator.

Archangel Raphael, the green color represents healing in every way

Archangel Raphael

The archangel Raphael He is our spiritual guide in seeking both physical and spiritual healing.

With it, the green color symbolizes the healing of the wounds suffered by humanity and the earth.

  • The green it is also the color that conveys hope, happiness and love.

Through a candle of this tone, we invoke Raphael and ask for his power to heal the sick, and those who are on the verge of death.

Archangel Jophiel, the yellow color represents the light of God

How to summon the archangel Jophiel

It is the archangel Jofiel the one who is in charge of guarding the doors of the entrance to the eternal paradise.

It is said that he rides alongside Miguel, defending humanity from dark forces and demons.

  • Jofiel seen from the yellow hue, symbolizes the light of God, illumination in the face of adversity, help in crisis and light against darkness.

Archangel Chamuel, the pink color represents divine love

A Prayer to the archangel Samuel

The one who defends love and faith is the archangel Chamuel.

Their task is said to indicate that all human beings direct their love to the heavenly father.

  • The pink color with which we invoke it, represents deep and pure love, reconciliation, faith and prosperity.

And it is that Chamuel can also help us when we go through serious economic situations.

Archangel Uriel, the orange color symbolizes the fire of truth

Prayer to invoke the archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel he is the vigilante, whose task is to protect the weak and fight injustice.

  • It is represented through the color orange and calls humans to practice awareness and absolute truth.

The color orange represents fire and light, peace and the eradication of evil. With the luminosity of the Sun, Uriel brings justice to the desperate.

Archangel Zadquiel, the violet color represents God's mercy

Invocation prayer to Archangel Zadkiel

The archangel Zadquiel, was appointed by God to spread mercy, pity, kindness and aid to the helpless.

He is the one who preaches good and intercedes for human souls on the day of final judgment.

  • Violet is the tone for spirituality and meditation. Associated with the archangel Zadquiel, it represents equity and objectivity when it comes to manifesting God's mercy and mercy.

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