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What are the 9 Colors of Oyá Yanza? Its powerful meanings

The 9 colors of Oyá Change

Me Oyá Yanza, warrior goddess!

Defend me from envy, negativity, and demands!

Defend with your sword my wishes, my health, my house and my work.

I come to ask you today Oyá so that you fulfill this favor that I ask of you.

I await your mercy Queen of Lightning! Jekua Jey! Oyá!

Prayers as beautiful as these receive the goddess of the spark daily, and it is that the power of Oyá He performs miracles and whenever he intercedes, he gives us so many open paths, that we should feel a lot of gratitude.

In the Yoruba pantheon Oyá Yanza is a mother and warrior orisha who fulfills, protects and fights for her children, blows with her winds and sweeps away evil, illness and misfortune.

Knowing the 9 colors of Oyá

If something draws attention in Santería or Osha's Rule, it is certain outfits and elements of the orisha due to their striking colors, and that is that Oyá in nature it represents the rainbow and its beautiful colors, bright tones, full of life, hope and faith.

Rainbow colors that wonderfully show up in the sky range from warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow to cool shades like green, blue, indigo, and purple.

All these colors represent Oyá, along with brown tones and earth colors, which are what symbolizes his deity in the Yoruba pantheon.

Spiritual meaning of colors:

  1. BLUE, symbolizes the infinite, the waters of the world, the calm and also the stormy.
  2. REDIt is blood, battles, passion, where the orisha becomes a warrior.
  3. Verde, tone of hope, faith and evolution. The cycle of everything new in life.
  4. Purple, color that represents victory over loss. It is greatness and triumph.
  5. Brown or brown, It is the connection with mother earth, with our origin and spirituality.
  6. Blanco, peace, calm, and purity in life, everything neat, healthy and innocent that is given to us.
  7. YellowIt is the sun and the heat that it emits to give us life, it is wealth, energy and vitality.
  8. Rose, a color that conveys security, shelter and sweetness, expresses the maternal side of Oyá.
  9. Orange, transmits fortune and joy to us, is the realization of our dreams, success.

Powerful offerings that we can give to the Goddess Oyá:

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