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The Aquatics, Spiritist healing current: Cures with water

The aquatic Cuba

Antonia Left affectionately called with the nickname of Anthoñica was born in the westernmost province of Cuba, Pinar del Río in 1899. She was a famous healer and spiritualist endowed with the virtue of healing with water and blessing through prayers.

His family settled in this area long before his birth dedicated themselves to the art of healing using natural elements such as herbs and medicinal ointments, as well as cultivating the land.

Heal and provide healing with the power of water

Legend has it that it was the apparition of the Virgin Mary that led Antinica to obtain this magical gift.

The first to receive his healing gifts was his son who was seriously ill, he returned health and physical strength to him by following the advice shared by the Mother of Jesus Christ to the letter.

From that day on, he began to heal the sick who knocked on his door to be blessed, without obtaining remuneration in return.

The popular cult reveals that this healer used the phrase:

Damn dog go to hell, to strip the dying of the evils that tormented them and of the dark spirits.

Some unbelievers called her insane, she was blamed for not taking sides in politics, by Azares del Destiny she was admitted to the hospital today called Psychiatric Hospital in Havana, formerly known as Mazorra, where she died in 1945.

Her life and her work transcended to the cinema under the lens of the director Manuel Octavio Gómez entitled: The days of Water in 1971, a film that, in addition to recounting the life of this healer, represents the situation that the region was going through in those years.

It should be noted that it was the subject of multiple awards, it was conceived as an efficient way to unite rural Cuban religious customs.

The Aquatics, water as a method of healing

The legacy of this spiritist transcended through time, her teachings are still valid today in her native Pinar del Río, Viñales municipality, where a group of her devotees keep alive their healing rites identifying themselves under the name of The Aquatics.

This society was founded in 1943, it seeks to maintain the properties of water as a healing method.

Currently in this pine area few families settle, which continue to live according to their traditions.

With the passage of time and the arrival of new generations, the importance of education and medical care has been promoted, although it is still important for their children.abitabefore their religious beliefs are respected.

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