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Did you know these 7 avatars of Oyá? Connected by their ancient power

The roads of Oyá

The guardian of the cemetery gate is one of the most revered saints in the Santeria rule.

Offerings are placed on this Orisha at the entrance to the cemetery, although her spirit is everywhere because it controls the air in all its manifestations.

Like other deities, Oyá Yansa has several avatars that narrate his life in a certain way.

7 Paths of the Warrior Oyá in the Yoruba Religion

Attributes of Oyá

These seven roads that we show you next are special because they keep exclusive dedication to the existing connection with intelligence, nature and the world of spirits.

1. Oyá Yansa Duma the guardian of the forest.

Plants of oyá

Yansa duma She is the deity in charge of protecting the forest, she is a sorceress and knows perfectly the secrets present in herbs and how to combine them to heal or kill.

They say about him that he possesses feminine and masculine virtues. It does not appear to the walker frequently, it only appears in front of the one who is about to suffer an imminent danger to save him.

His favorite animal is the horse and through this he transmits messages and blessings.

2. Oyá Yansa Doco the queen of tornadoes.

Prayer to Oyá for protection

The Orisha queen of tornadoes takes the name of Oyá Yansa Doco, this saint was the mother of aerial phenomena, giving birth to the furious tornado of her entrails.añas

It is said that by giving birth she punished the ungrateful and those human beings who only know how to see the negative side of life.

This saint is one of Olofin's secretaries, it was her who the sage Orisha entrusted the task of turning his great palace into a home, a task that she carried out outstandingly.

3. Oyá Tombowa the holy dancer.

Costume Oyá yansa

in this avatar Oyá embodies the dance, is brought to earth behind the track and insistent music of the Batá drums. 

His arrival on the earth plane augurs happiness and abundance because his spirit represents joy.

The Eggunes obey him and fear him for being a woman of great character.

4. Oyá Ayawa the great fortune teller.

paths of Oyá yansa

Ayawá the great fortune teller, is represented under the appearance of an old woman, through her bluish pupil she can see the past, the present and the future.

His knowledge and wisdom were obtained by the many years that accumulate in his consciousness, during which he has seen the world burn and then cool.

This deity is an expert in the dark arts and incantations, especially those related to love.

5. Theyá Tapa the witch of Osha.

paths of Oyá

Oyá Lid is a deity from the land of Oko.

She is a witch and her descendants are born with a lightning mark on their skin.

She is known for her gifts to cast spells with white magic and black magic.

The art of divination was given to this saint at the hands of Orumila himself, the great Oracle of the Sacred Rule of Ifá. 

6. Yansa Tomboro the Oyá healer

Oyá eggplant

This way of life Oyá yansa represents a long-lived woman of more than one hundred years, coming from the mountainaña and guardian of the secrets of nature and of the transformations that do not occur in public.

She perfectly knows the properties of medicinal plants, which is why she is known as the Oyá healer       

7. Oyá Yansá Oriri the Orisha who represents knowledge.

Day Oyá

Oyá Yansa Oriri is an Orisha of great intelligence, his name represents the knowledge and devotion to learning in a self-taught way.

To communicate with this saint, the petitions previously saved in a white envelope must be buried.

The deity has great influence on economic development.

Other powerful paths of Oyá Yansa you should know:

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