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The Paths of the Orisha Eleguá and their meaning

The roads of Eleguá

Elegua, is the eternal guardian of the roads and destiny, and a messenger between deities and humans. Prosperity, happiness, luck or misfortune are in your hands.

It is the Orisha of the first protection, because it opens the ways to continue in religion. The uninitiated or aleyos must receive or consecrate it as first. And he is also the first of the group of four warriors (Elegguá, Oggún, Ochosi and Osun) watchmen of the mountain and caretakers of homes.

How many roads does Elegguá have?

The paths are facets, avatars, where the deity takes on different qualities and characteristics, through each of them the Orishas provide us with help, advice and solutions for our lives.

Eleguá has 21 paths and each of them is divided into various manifestations of the Orisha. It is even said that it can reach 101 or 121 roads, but that each person can see them in difference to their hierarchy in the Yoruba religion and their experience.

In fact, in some of his ways, Elegguá is considered as Eshú, who governs the manifestations of the malevolent, cheats and deceives.aña to the Orishas and men and represents misfortunes for many who do not find their balance in life.

And it is that Elegguá and Eshú are the representation in the Yoruba religion, of that constant link between the positive and the negative, light and darkness, happiness and misfortune.

It is said that when a home is protected it is because it hasabita Eleguá and when you have problems, is that Eshú has entered, because the objective of this relationship is to reach the balance between the good and the bad, in perfect balance with natural energies.

The destinations and roads of Eleguá

Next, we present the names and characteristics of several of the different paths of Eleguá, some of them are not well known so there is little reference and information:

1Elegua Abaile The Abaile is recognized as the one who receives the ebboses (cleansings) and directs them to those deities to whom they are directed, if they so decide. If you don't want to, none of the offerings will reach their recipients. That is why it must be adored and cared for.  
2Elegua Afra  Elegua Afrá receives treatment with Babalú Ayé and lives in hospitals. He is very loved because he helps the sick and that is why he is known as "The child of contagious childhood diseases", such as measles and smallpox. He whistles on corners and on lonely roads and does not show his face, since one should not look at him directly.
3  Elegua Agbanukué (Agbanuke)He is the guardian of the Ilé (house), to whom he gives help and protects from bad intentions of other people outside the home. It is the best ally that the Babalawos have together with Eshú Barakikeño and Alaroye. He is known as the Babalawo gossip since he tells him everything he sees and hears in his Ilé. It is also considered the Eshu of clairvoyance through which Orunmila has that virtue.  
4Elegua Akeru  The messenger of the deities, establishes those messages that have priority and ensures that each Orisha receives them.  
5Elegua Agongo Ogo  He wears the garabato, or guava wood baton, which is used to attack or defend himself and make his way through the bush undergrowth.  
6Elegua AkesanIt comes from the Kingdom of Oyó  
7Elegua Allah Le Ilú  This path indicates the title of honor that Eleguá holds in the cities or towns. There, he is seen as a high-ranking fortune teller who helps those in need solve their problems.  
8Elegua Allah Lu Banshe  It is the Eleguá that is related to destiny and human decisions, owner and lord of everything in life and the one who has the key to good fortune. Possessor of the Ashé de Oloddumare to fix whatever he considers on each path, or to derange it. Thus, he can open the roads and help us, but he can also close them and leave us plunged into a spiral of despair. He must be present at any ebbó and is the first to be attended at the ceremonies.  
9Elegua Alaroye Akokelebiyu This is the image of Elegguá considered as a very naughty boy, who makes jokes in bad taste and has a bad character. Devotees should be warned of their ways.
10Elegua Awo BaraHe is Oyo's fortune teller and guardian of the babalawos houses so that no one can steal the secrets of the Yoruba religion and faith.  
11elegua elufé  It is the oldest representation of Elegguá  
12Eshu lode Considered the Eshu of the streets, he dresses in rags and walks the roads. He always goes in a little house outside Osha's house or on the side of a road. Walk next to Oggun y oshosi through the mountains.
13eshu igide  He who opens the roads in the mountains. His moorings are the strongest as he learned from osain everything related to herbs and their qualities and applies them to people's life decisions.
14Eshu Kaminalowa  He is in charge of opening the roads for the dead and is a messenger of Babalu Aye before diseases.  
15Eshu Akarajéu  He was the one who helped Oyá to escape from Shango after a violent argument by the couple. Thus it is said that he made Shango swallow a ray that he was willing to send him. That is what its name means.
16Eshu aselu  He works as a messenger for the older Orishas. He is considered a kind of young vigilant or guardian very attentive to the faults of the devotees, who must watch over their behavior and fulfill the commandments of Ifá.
17Eshu Ijelu  He is in charge of drums, music in general and the feelings that are manifested with them. He is fun, cheerful and friendly, partying and joyous.
18Eshu Alalúbanse  He is the gatekeeper to doors that lead to life's opportunities.  
19Eshu diki  This path helps bring friends together. For this reason, he is seen in social gatherings of all kinds and on his negative side he causes such meetings to end in unpleasant fights and scandals.  
20Eshu dare  Messenger so that it is possible to obtain the blessings sent by Oloddumáre.  
21Eshu Bara Dage  The one who works with all the snakes, uses the machete and the sickle and is Oggún's companion.
22Eshu Aphrodite  Ifá assistant.  
23Eshu Abanunkue  He is the Elegguá guardian of the house. It lives inside a clay pot.  
24Eshu abalonke  It is very strong and also called the Eshu of death, guide of the souls of the deceased.  
25eshu aberu  Sacrificial receiver.  
26Eshu Aganika  Malevolent and dangerous.  
27Eshu Agomeyo  From the land of Oyó.  
28Eshu Agongo Olo Onya  Live on the roads.  
29Eshu Agongo Ogo  This is the Elegguá that attacks and defends against the enemies of the ilé.  
30Eshu Alaguana  The Elegguá that lives preferably in the savannah or in the mountains, but is said to be everywhere. He is the owner of the chains, the guava squiggle, the Arikú Bambaya and a cedar doll that is prepared for him and eats with him. He is a witch and a fortune teller.  
31Eshu Anaquil  This path represents the mother of all the Elegguá, it is fierce and when it gets angry it is as violent as the storm. He lives in the forest and is a symbol of victory and firmness.  
32Eshu ananaki  The eshu of sadness, depression, deserts and lonely places.  
33Eshu aroni  He is a healer, a magician and lives in the woods. 
34Eshu beleke  This representation is also that of a small child. He is skilled and an excellent guardian, but also a liar. Live in garbage.
35Eshu Batiyeh  He does not believe in obstacles, he defeats them and ends with all kinds of damage.  
36eshubiri  He is also a child who likes to do evil things. It is said that this little boy causes all kinds of accidents, although he is very protective of his children. It lives within the bushes.  
37Eshu Echenike  He is a friend of Osaín, the owner of nature, and smokes aromatic ewes (herbs).  
38Ekileyo Eshu  He is wise, soothsayer and protector of people. It comes from the Kingdom of Oyó.
39Eshu grillelu  He is known as the guide of the God Olofin.  
40Eshu Ekuboro  Represents life and death.  
41eshu loboni  It is the messenger of Oshun and he spends the day with her.
42eshu laroye  It is representative of dance and money. He is spoiled and lives behind the door at the entrance of the houses. This Eshu warns of danger and diseases. He is a teacher, an instructor, the one who directs and heads. He protects the house and advises on business matters. He is also close to Oshún and lives on the riverbank with her. He is known as the guardian of children, even more so of beggars or street children, orphans or homeless. He known as "El Niño Limosnerito."  
43elegua laye He is righteous and not very talkative. Live in a snail.  
44elegua okada  The Elegguá of the garbage cans, feeds on the scraps of ebboses.  
45elegua sokere  He's the one talking on the mat.  
46Eleggua Aye Work together with Olokun, the owner of the ocean depths.  
47elegua elefe  One of the oldest elegguases that exist.
48Elegua Manzaquillo  It is made of cement mass and is syncretized with the Holy Child of the resolution, it is the Sacred Child who helps us to make difficult resolutions on strong problems that are difficult to solve. He is wise and hard-working, and he walks with Oggún, who is the one who makes the decisions about the way of leading life.  
49Eleggua Bode  accompaniedaña a Eggun (spirits).
50Eleggua Idena  In his cargo he carries ivory, coral, jet, sixteen small black and sixteen white marine stones, the head of a woodpecker, a rooster and a jicotea, 48 snails, gold, silver, sixteen Eshu ewes, and his secret.  
51Elegua Elegbara  Control the ebboses and transmit the message to the deity to solve the problem for which the person made the sacrifice.
52Eleggua Odara  Certainly closely linked to Orunmila the soothsayer, he is the Eshu of transformations, and can change the destiny and behavior of the initiates.  
53Elegua agogoHe is the one who presides over the changing of the hours of the day and night.
54Elegua Awala Boma  It is said that he went down to the Ceiba, a sacred tree that shelters spirits.
55Elegua Gold  It is the divine messenger of the word, verbal communication. His word is the translation of human thought, and the one that allows all men to communicate.
56Eleggua Opinion Establish the limits of spaces, which can be from a border to a house. It also takes care of the spaces of the so-called IGBO or forests consecrated to the different orishas.  
57Eleguá Alaketu Together with Oshún he is linked to sensuality and sexuality and love.
58elegua isheri  It is in charge of giving the Ashé (energy) to the plants. It is linked to dew so it is represented in the early hours of the day.  
59eleguá gogo  It represents justice, payment and collection of debts contracted between humans and with the orishas.
60Eleggua Wara In charge of personal and family relationships.

And although there are more ways of the little orisha Eleguá, many are not known, forming part of the secrets, mysteries and legends of the Yoruba religion.

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