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Colors and their immense spiritual significance The positive and the negative!

colors and their spiritual meaning

What would the world be like if we saw everything in black and white?

Sadness and despair would surely prevail as our most notorious feelings.

And it is that, although we do not perceive it normally, the colors are extremely important for our life and our spirit.

Colors are a form of dialogue with ourselves, so each tonality is associated with a feeling, desire, gratitude, thought, among others.

If we go for a walk on a gray, cloudy and stormy day, it is likely that our spirits are not the best and we feel nostalgic and down. But on the other hand, if the sky is blue and the colors surround us, surely we will be calmer and happier.

Colors also characterize us in one way or another and indicate to those around us, certain tastes and qualities that define us.

That is why it is so important to pay attention to the people you love and close to, to the colors of your wardrobe, your car, your home, your workplace.

This language can teach us things about them and their way of seeing the world, which we may not know. They can also show the mood of the person in question.

Signified of the colors spiritually ¨Color and our day to day¨

We must know that all colors have a certain influence on our lives and that is why there is color psychology and many other disciplines that are dedicated to investigating the meaning of colors and their associations with each type of person.

In the spiritual realm, colors also have an impact.

  • E.g.The chakras of our spiritual self have different colors and each one has a relationship with some element, organ and emotion.

It is said that also the spiritual aura has different colors depending on our mental, physical and spiritual state. And each shade represents the characteristic that prevails in us.

Let's see now, the meaning of the main colors present in our life on a spiritual level:

Blue, the most spiritual color

Sky blue candle

Blue is the color that calms us, as it favors the balance of energies, communication and understanding of others.

It is the most spiritual color in the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

When we see the blue sky, we feel at peace with the world. Also that tone represents tranquility and harmony.

It is a color that reflects in our being:

  • Inspiration
  • Truth and fidelity
  • Calm and calm
  • Sincerity
  • Intuition
  • Mercy and Justice

Negative aspects of the color blue:

Sometimes blue can also symbolize depression, melancholy, tears, sadness and apathy.

Brown, the color of Mother Earth

Brown colors reflected in nature

Brown symbolizes the mother Earth and its fruit. It indicates the comfort of ingrained natural life, attachment to the ground.

It is also the color of physical and sensory sensations, of the will to contrition and asceticism.

Reflect spiritually:

  • Balance
  • Solidity
  • Fertility
  • Maturity

Negative aspects of brown tones:

Brown can also signify extreme penance, decadence and lack of will in various contexts.

Orange, the color of happiness

Orange candles

Orange is the color for those who like of the challenges that life brings and they have confidence in themselves to overcome them.

It is a vivid color that symbolizes the will of existence, full happiness and dedication. It is said to be a challenging color that possesses immense experiential energy.

He gives us among his virtues:

  • Joy
  • Life
  • Heat
  • Force
  • Pride
  • Good humor

Negative aspects of the color orange:

Sometimes orange can reflect negative aspects such as cowardice, jealousy, distrust, illness, fear and hatred.

Yellow, the color of the great sun

Meaning of the yellow candle

Yellow is the color that envelops you with its warmth and makes you look radiant. It is the tone of social life, of dedication, of joy and sympathy.

Its meaning represents the:

  • Wisdom
  • Financial
  • Mental agility
  • Satisfaction
  • Lucidity
  • Love of freedom.

Negative aspects of the color yellow:

Sometimes yellow can also bring a bad mood, reluctance, false hopes, rivalry and envy.

Red, the color of the vital force of life

Red rose
Red rose

Red is the color of love and passion unbridled, of the pleasures of life and the joy of each moment.

A beautiful color that represents life force and energy, which can be both constructive and destructive, is active in all directions.

It is the symbol of powerful willpower.

Its meaning includes:

  • Heat and Force
  • Sexuality and Love
  • Health and Vitality
  • Arousal and Stimulation
  • Procreation
  • Triumph and success in goals

Negative aspects of the color red:

In its negative part, red can also transmit hatred, uncontrolled passion, aggression, rebellion, war, blood, violence and revenge.

Green, the color of healing and growth

Green candle lit

Green is the color of nature and its great energy, the one that connects us with the strength of our interior.

It symbolizes harmonious growth, creative energies, hope and self-love.

Also green is the color of abundance and wealth, which represents money and the well-being that it brings.

Other virtues that green gives us are:

  • Serenity
  • Healing
  • Eternal Youth and Fertility
  • Spring
  • Abundance and Wealth
  • Rest

Negative aspects of the color green:

Green also contains bad feelings such as envy, disease, pettiness, cowardice, malice and resentment.

Purple, the color of faith

Viola flowers are produced by plants known as pansies.«

Purple is a spirit colorHe who represents the strength of faith.

It symbolizes borderline mystical experiences and provides us with spiritual strength, which is why it is the tone of many priests and members of the Church.

It reflects in its tones:

  • Spiritual strength
  • Universal consciousness
  • Trust in God
  • Social prestige

Negative aspects of the color purple:

But purple can also symbolize self-centeredness, megalomania, tyranny, authoritarianism, and abuse of power.

Pink, the color of sensuality and femininity

Meaning of the pink candle

Pink has always been a color assigned to women, for the delicacy of the tone. Pink is the limitless expression of love and dedication, of the sensuality of the female part.

It also symbolizes:

  • Soul sensitivity
  • Feeling of happiness
  • Devotion and love
  • Platonic love
  • Dreams

Negative aspects of the color pink:

Pink is also the color that defines in its negative part the loss of relationship with reality, distance, detachment and sentimentality.

White, the purity of the 7 colors

White candle meaning

There are seven colors and white ranks number eight, so it is said that its dimension is beyond what we can see, its meaning is mysterious and very spiritual, close to the divine.  

White is not a color but the absence of it or the sum of the seven colors.

Its spiritual power symbolizes the purity of the soul and reflects:

  • the spiritual path
  • good intentions
  • generosity and purity of being
  • the connection with the heavenly plane and divinity

Negative aspects of the white color:

In some contexts, white can imply so much illumination that, if you are not prepared to receive it, it will blind you completely.

Black, the color that absorbs everything

The meaning of black candles

Black color indicates absence of all color and although sometimes we can relate it to everything bad, it really is a tone that absorbs energy, be it positive or negative.

Black gives nothing, absorbs everything.

That is why we say that if we wear black and go to a space, full of good feelings and positive energy, we will absorb it and we will feel great.

But if we go black into a troubled, bad-vibe space, we'll absorb that too.

Negative aspects of the color black:

Black is a color that is associated with negativity, darkness, and negative influences that haunt us. It symbolizes death, anger and feelings that vibrate badly, as well as everything bad that can haunt us in life.

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