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The advice of the Saint through the Obbinus

Coconut signs

The Diviner of Biagué was the first religious to use four pieces of Coco to communicate with the OrishasBy means of this method, he asked questions to which they responded with blessed or unfortunate letters for the Iworos.

Signos of the Coco (obi)

The letter that the Coco gives as this ritual is also called is a very simple procedure based on five signs depending on the position occupied by the obbinus (pieces of coconut) once they are thrown to the ground, having only two variants which they would fall with the pulp facing up or the rind.


In this letter the four pieces of coconut are placed with the dough facing up, it is a positive sign as it indicates an affirmation. When Alafia leaves the believer can be calm because this odun predicts that times of peace are approaching.

It is related to prosperity and material and spiritual wealth. It is interpreted as a safe destiny that is given to the individual by the hands of the Orishas as a reward for their good deeds. The person who draws this letter came to earth with leadership gifts. It is the confirmation that Olofin's Justice reaches all his children.

The devotee is advised not to go into debt or take false oaths

Through this representation Obatalá Orisha Mayor of the Yoruba Pantheon speaks who advises to remain calm because it indicates that in life the one who perseveres triumphs.

In some religious houses this letter is considered unstable so it is decided to repeat the roll, taking as the last word the second representation of the obbinus.


It manifests itself when three pulps are found facing the santero and another mass upside down, it is not a firm letter so it is necessary to ask twice, the second letter being the final one, in case Etawa comes out again, the Etawa sign is named Melli and is considered as a yes.

This path speaks of a pact between three individuals, it also refers to a secret that is in danger because one of those involved has revealed it. He advises the devotee to be attentive as difficulties could arise.

The individual is encouraged not to be discouraged. This letter gives great importance to dreams because through these the Orishas will give the person tests to help them clarify ideas.

In this sign Yemayá speaks, who manifests as the sea at times serene and crystalline and at other times fierce and turbulent, this deity warns about traps and hypocritical people.


This is the strongest answer that the Orishas give, it is represented with two pulps and two peels facing upwards. It refers to the arrival of a good in the life of those who go to the foot of the Osha, it predicts an encounter between two souls that will be inseparable.

The religious is asked to always have faith, no matter how difficult the tests to overcome during the course of destiny. It refers to the self-recognition of merits and the person is invited to love themselves and value themselves more.

Eyeife is the direct blessing of Olofin, it is the voice of command to act with determination and faith.


It is represented with a pulp and three peels with their backs to the ground, three black pieces and one white. It is a negative letter, its arrival warns of betrayals.

This Odun prevents something unfortunate from happening. Indicates physical and spiritual losses. It indicates arrogance, contempt, and malicious gossip. The consultant is instructed to be attentive and invites to settle debts with the past in order to be at peace.

When Okana leaves, the saint should be asked if he wants something to help calm the lyrics, the coconuts are thrown until they find out what he wants. If the answer is affirmative, the consultation ends at that moment, if it is negative again, you are asked if you want to give advice or if the letter is speaking with the santero who is serving as mediator and the obbinus continue to be launched until the answer is satisfactory.

After leaving this sign, the coconuts should be refreshed with water because it is a very loaded letter.

Oyekun Okana:

In this sign all the pieces appear on the part of the coconut shell. Here the spirits are in charge of transmitting the desired message.

Okana Oyekun means no, it indicates difficulties and misfortune. Talk about an enemy who wants to see the person in hardship. He asks in the same way if the deities want something and he proceeds to act in the same way as if Okana came out.  

The Iré in the letters of the Obbinus

When two obbinus overlap, this indicates an Iré or close development, the santero and the consultant are instructed to kiss the pieces of coconut so that this blessing is consolidated.

If one of the coconuts breaks after being thrown, one of the fragments is given to the person who asked to keep it in his pocket as this augurs monetary development.

By lying two coconuts superimposed, for example, mass on mass, the individual is warned that he may suffer disappointment.

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