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Spiritists and their qualities Why does the Spirit approach?

The spiritists

Those people who are capable and possess the gift of contacting spirits or the dead are called spiritists or mediums, since they possess the ability of mediumship.

And it is that many times what science cannot explain or solve, can be solved through spiritism and the connection with the sacred and ancestral world of the Dead.

10 Characteristics of a Spiritist:

  1. Spiritists connect different powerful bridges with spirits, their main objective is to communicate with them.
  2. The gift of spiritualists is developed by hearing and communicating messages with spirits. Many times they also allow the spirit to control and possess their body, what we call "horse."
  3. Spiritists must be people of great morality and seriousness, of great faith, will and humility in order to make a difference in this world with that of spirits.
  4. The job of spiritualists in one way or another is to lessen the pain of those who have lost loved ones and need to connect with them.
  5. Many spirits remain anchored on earth and spiritists help their transition to the other world, so that they can be enlightened towards their eternal peace.
  6. Spiritists communicate with the other world in different ways:
  • Giving light,
  • channeling their energies,
  • talking to the spirits,
  • quenching their thirst for light,
  • raising them clearly.
  1. The spiritist must always be prepared to develop before possibilities of ascent in the spiritual world, that is, to open himself to the wisdom in the plane of the spirits.
  2. Being a spiritist requires wisdom, perseverance and practice, because not all the spirits that approach you are trustworthy and you must know how to detect them so that they do not harm you.
  3. All spirits desire light, therefore, when giving attention, prayers and uplifting them, it is important to recognize those dark and disturbing beings that are thirsty for energy to drive them away.

For this reason it is said that spiritists are usually a collecting sponge, because their gift allows them to be more vulnerable to all kinds of energies, good or bad.

  1. All spiritists are unique with special gifts, none is equal to another since each person has their own spirits, guardian angels and protective guides.

And it is that all spirits, be they dark or light, come with a mission to this earthly plane, it depends on the wisdom and energies of the spiritist to handle them, understand them and give them the correct direction.

Reasons why Spirits can approach the earthly plane:

  1. Watch over the beings they have left on earth.
  2. Something has made you curious.
  3. Some matter that they have left unresolved.
  4. They need prayers and attention to be able to rest in peace.
  5. They come to help their loved ones in any situation.

In reality, these beings do not need us to know them, instead they do know us from other lives, they are our ancestors and protectors who come to us in order to help us.

There are many reasons why the spirits prowl around us, even not all of them approach with good intentions and less when they have been sent intentionally for evil purposes.

The important thing is to know this sacred world by studying, being humble and always acting from faith, since our ancestors and spiritual guides possess the greatest energy in the universe.

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