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10 Answers about the appearances of spirits according to Allan Kardec

The spirits Allan Kardec

Spiritism is not a religionAccording Allan Kardec it is a science, a science that studies the nature of spirits and their close connection with the physical world.

As a philosophy, spiritism studies the moral effects that derive from this spiritual and bodily relationship and establishes the continuity of the soul as its foundation.

This spiritist doctrine originates in the mid-nineteenth century in France and Allan Kardec is its greatest exponent.

All About Spirits: 10 Questions and Answers

  • On the appearances of the spirits Allan Kardec answers different questions, the answers were given by superior spirits with the help of different mediums.

1. Can spirits be seen?

Yes they can be seen, and during dreams much more, although many also see them when they are awake and do not conceive the dream.

When we rest the body, our spirit detaches itself from material ties and by feeling more free it can see other spirits entering into communication with them.

It is said that when one cannot remember his dream, it is that we have not dreamed, but instead our soul has not stopped seeing and enjoying its freedom.

2. When we see spirits, can they belong to all classes?

Yes, they can belong to all classes, from the highest to the lowest.

Some of the classes or types of spirits are, the elevated, hardened, mocking, familiar, repentant, dark, vary depending on their qualities and way of manifesting.

3. Can all spirits be seen?

All can be seen, but these beings to manifest visibly must always have permission from the Supreme and sometimes they do not have the will to do so.

4. Do the spirits that can be seen have a purpose?

That depends on their nature, they can be good as well as bad.

5. If the objective of that spirit is evil, why is it granted permission to manifest itself?

It is to test the people to whom it appears.

It may be that a spirit is evil and appears, but its result in the end may be to do good.

6. If the evil spirits show themselves what could be their intention?

Many times take revenge or scare people.

7. When good spirits make themselves known, what will their intention be?

Show that they exist and are close to us, ask for attention, give advice or give comfort.

8. What permanently stops spirits from seeing?

We are constantly surrounded by spirits, if you saw them at all hours it would be very disturbing.

The spirits would annoy with their actions and this also takes away their initiative, if they feel alone they act with more freedom.

9. If the spirits were seen permanently, wouldn't this be a way to eliminate the doubts of those who do not believe in them?

As for those who do not believe in these higher beings, they have many methods to find out whether or not it is spirits that manifest around them (masses, consultations), but many times they are not able to admit it as unbelievers.

There are even many people who have seen spirits and often say they are illusions and are blinded by pride before accepting that reality.

10. If seeing the spirits is inconvenient, why do they allow us to see them?

To give proof of its existence, that everything does not die with the body and that each soul maintains its personality after death.

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