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The garments and crowns of the holy Warriors of the Yoruba Religion

Yoruba religion warriors

Oggún, Oshosi, Elegguá and Osun They are the so-called Warrior Orishas, ​​saints of foundation who are received by the religious to bring health, will and stability to their lives.

These deities are considered faithful protectors of the home, all in their costumes wear a common piece called "mariwo", which is nothing more than a petticoat made of palm leaves, an element they use when leaving for the battlefield.

Choose the Orisha who carries the keys of destiny.

Eleguá Warrior

The youngest Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon wears a small jacket and trousers that are tight at the knee with red and black cuffs.

This saint usually covers his head with a half red and half black scarf, on which a guano hat rests.

Elegguá, being one of the warriors, has a mariwo tied to his waist, his outfit is complemented with a goatskin bag and a doodle, all his clothes can be adorned with bells.

On some occasions, he wears a crown made with his own hand of snails.

Oggún the holy owner of iron.

Oggun Warrior

Oggún is represented as a stocky man who works with a bare torso, wears green and black pants with cuffs on the knees, over which he wears a mariwo.

Sometimes he usually wears a green and black hat, his clothes can be adorned with tiger skin or snails.

Oggún's crown covers the black and green cap, it has iron and snails.

Osun the deity that represents stability.

Warrior Ozun

Osun is the deity in charge of promoting stability to the human being, this is represented by a metal cup that carries a rooster on its surface,

In its human form it is manifested by the figure of a serene man, surrounded by light, usually wearing white clothes, a discreet crown, through the use of white it transmits peace.

This deity is closely related to Obatalá.

Oshosi the great hunter.

Oshosi Warrior

Oshosi is an accurate hunter, his arrows never fail to capture his prey.

He manifests himself as a man with a sturdy complexion, who, like Oggún, wears an uncovered torso.

He wears short pants fitted at the knees made of blue and yellow fabric, his head is covered with a crown or a cap adorned with jaguar skin.

On the waist hangs a mariwo to which many of his hunting trophies are tied, such as:

  • rabbit feet,
  • venison jars and
  • scraps of fine fur.

Oshosi's thorax is cut by the sheath in which the intrepid warrior keeps his bow and arrows.

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