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In June we celebrate the Warrior Orishas, ​​protectors in Santeria

Santeria warriors

To the warrior Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, to those who protect us during our spiritual journey, we dedicate our faith in the month of June.

To the powerful Orishas who are in charge of paving the way for us to reach our destiny, to our defenders, we raise our prayers with devotion and honesty throughout this month.

They are the Orishas warriors, the first saints that anyone who starts in the Yoruba religion should receive.

Of them, Eleggúa is the first orisha who is delivered, since his mission is to open the ways of all the aleyos (initiated in religion).

The Warrior Orishas, ​​their syncretism and celebration:

Name of the warriors in SanteriaSaint in SyncretismCelebration date
oshosi the hunter and vigilante of the OchaSt. Norbert6 June
Elegua the one who opens the roads and owns destinySan Antonio de Padua 13 June
Osun, the guardian of the heads of the religiousSan Juan Bautista24 June
Oggun, patron of iron and owner of the mountain San Pedro29 June

Why in Santeria do we celebrate the Warriors on these dates?

As we know, religious syncretism arises because of the transculturation of entire communities that were forcibly brought from Africa to America.

As a result of this, African cults and traditions were mixed, united and fused over time, the same that they bequeathed to us until today.

Although the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon usually have even more than one syncretism with some Catholic saints (as we show in detail in the rest of the article), according to the cult, tradition and place of veneration, in June it is celebrated in comparison with the saints. mentioned above.

This means, for exampleAlthough Eleguá is usually syncretized or also compared with the Santo Niño de Atocha and Anima Sola, in reality on June 13 we celebrate San Antonio de Padua, which is another of its syncretisms.

For this reason, in some places they celebrate it on other dates.

Attention and veneration to the Warriors

Remember that the warriors in most cases have to be attended and placed behind the main door of the house, except Osun, which must be located in the highest place in our home always pointing in the direction of the main door.

Most of the attentions to the holy warriors are done on Mondays, to start the week under the protection and security that they provide us.

  • Usually a candle is lit and brandy is sprinkled on them. They are also spread with corojo butter, toasted corn, and honey.
  • Likewise, they can be offered some fruit, offering or sweets and toys because Eleguá loves them.
  • We pray to them and thank them for their protection, always asking them to keep our paths open and safe.

Elegguá, the first of the warriors and Lord of the Roads

Offerings to Eleguá for money
Representation of Eleguá

Eleguá is our first spiritual guide, the one that shows us what is the path of success, well-being, prosperity and happiness.

He is considered the first saint that should be received by anyone who decides to start in the Yoruba religion, the one who opens and closes the roads and holds the key to all the doors in the world.

Eleggua, the one who maintains the balance of the world, is considered as the messenger of Olofin, he is the only one who opens and closes the astral of people towards happiness.

If we are worthy, this warrior will guide us through the paths until we reach our destination.

He is considered as the main interpreter through the Oracle of Diloggún and also transmits all the messages of the different Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon.

June 13, Eleguá day in Santeria

This is the day that Eleguá is celebrated, its celebration is due to its syncretism with San Antonio de Padua.

We celebrate Eleguá's birthday by giving her her favorite offerings, or if we can't, simply by offering her gratitude and a red candle on her behalf, to give thanks and light.

Elegguá and its syncretism Católico

Eleguá for its powers and characteristics, syncretizes with several saints of the Catholic religion:

  • Holy Child of Atocha: Seen in the image of a little pilgrim and invoked in difficult and urgent situations.
  • San Antonio de Padua: Patron of Miracles, invoked by Catholics on various occasions, especially for questions related to health and luck.
  • Encourage alone: lonely soul or 'abandoned spirit' that is invoked above all by those who want to find love or were engañatwo for your partner.

Oggún, the Patron of Metals

The Orisha Oggún

Oggún is a warrior with immense powers to ensure the protection of devotees. He is the saint who represents strength and work, also known as the owner of iron and chains.

His name means war, because he is the only one capable of winning any fight.

He is protective, strong and aggressive, and he is prayed above all for his protection from enemies.

This saint lives in a sacred iron cauldron that has three legs, which represent his strength on earth.

He is the second Orisha who is received behind his brother Elegguá and together with him, he is the owner of the roads and the mountains. He works forever in the forging of metals, although he can also be a lonely hunter and gatherer.

He is capable of mastering all the mysteries of the mountains, and can be a witch, healer and sorcerer.

June 29, day of Ogún the warrior

Oggún is celebrated on June 29 in its syncretism with San Pedro, a saint who is venerated on the same day.

This day, more than asking him, we must thank him for the blessings received, and we can offer him some addimú (offering) that he likes so that he feels honored.

Oggún, and his syncretism

Due to his powers and characteristics, Oggún is syncretized with several saints of the Catholic religion:

  • San Pedro, one of the twelve apostles. It is prayed against fever and aging, as it is said that it can ward off ills.
  • San Pablo, apostle protector of Christians. He is prayed for seeking support and comfort in difficult situations
  • San Miguel Arcangel: Warrior of God, defend and protect our souls, and assist us at the hour of death

Oshosi, the Hunter and vigilante of the Ocha

The Orisha Oshosi

Ochosi is the Orisha of justice and truth. He guides us through difficult situations and helps us find the path of faith and well-being.

He is known as a great hunter and is related to prison, the persecuted and the unfortunate. It is symbolized by a bow and arrow, and is considered a true sorcerer.

It is the thought that is capable of moving to any time and place to capture something.

Its name comes from the Yoruba Osóssí "He who works with witchcraft". He owns the forest and the game. 

Ochosi and Oggún, the pattern of the irons, complement each other and have a close relationship. They live together inside the metal cauldron and their union establishes the unshakable fortress before life.

June 6, Oshosi Day

Saint Norbert the saint and the orisha of the Yoruba pantheon Oshosi are celebrated on this day for their syncretism.

Like the warriors on this day we can thank him, venerate him and serve him with some of his favorite offerings so that he always gives us protection and justice.

  • If you want to know some of the offerings and rituals dedicated to Oshosi you can Read More Here

Ochosi, in syncretism with catholic saints

The figure of Ochosi as a defender of the weak and a fighter against injustice, is syncretized with several saints of the Catholic religion with similar qualities:

  • Saint Albert the Great, philosopher, naturalist and theologian, he is prayed for knowledge and study.
  • St. Norbert, Intellectual of clear and sharp intelligence, he is prayed to in the face of injustice and envy

Osun, the Watcher and Guide in Santeria

osun babalawos
Representation of Osun

Osun is the warrior who watches over our life and helps us make good decisions. He is the only one who faces the ancestral spirit that always guides the individual to triumph.

Considered as the guardian and watchman of the orishas and human beings, it represents all the ancestors.

He is the one who guides and cares for the heads of men on earth.

Important: It always has to be on its feet, as long as its owner stays alive. His fall announces an evil or death that is walking.

And it is that Osun represents the verticality of the human being on the earth and therefore its foundation should never lie down or lie down.

Osun What is your syncretism?

Osun syncretizes with the Catholic saint considered the guide and advisor of humanity:

  • San Juan Bautista: Prince of the Christian Holy Family, he is prayed for his protection against evils and in difficult and desperate situations.

June 24 Osun Day

On June 24, the deity Osun is celebrated for being syncretized with Saint John the Baptist, saint of the church.

  • A very beautiful offering and cleaning to Osun that can be done is this CLICK HERE TO SEE

The important and essential thing in all veneration to the warrior orishas in Santeria is the faith that we put in them, the humility and the gratitude that we know how to offer for all the blessings that they offer in our lives.

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