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What Prohibitions must the children of the Orisha Babalú Ayé respect?

The sons of Babalú Ayé

Babalu Aye He is a miraculous Orisha, he is attributed with the gifts of healing multiple diseases, among which those of infectious-contagious etiologies and those related to the osteo-myo-articular system stand out.

This African deity is known under the name of Asojano in the Rule of Santeria, a product of the transculturation process that slaves from the African continent lived in Cuba, Babalú Ayé acquired the name of Saint Lazarus, in order to preserve their customs and traditions in this way.

Saint Lazarus is the saint with whom this Orisha is syncretized in the Catholic Religion.

The lentil is the bean of the leper.

Taboo lentil children of Babalú Ayé

The descendants of Babalú Ayé are responsible and reserved people, they must respect certain foods that are considered taboo in Asojano's house.

Among these we can mention the lentil, which is a small, round brown legume that has been related in Osha as the leper bean.

It is taboo to eat it because this grain saved Saint Lazarus from hunger in one of the vicissitudes where he suffered Hansen's disease or Leprosy, because due to his physical appearance he was rejected by society, which is why he suffered deficiencies and precariousness.

Eating sesame is taboo in the house of San Lázaro.

Taboo sesame children of Babalú Ayé

Sesame is a seed with important esoteric qualities, which is also known under the name of Sesame, with which Babalú Ayé works.

This has numerous medicinal properties related to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, also influencing the relief of certain metabolic pathologies.

The seed that must be respected by the descendants of Babalú Ayé

The children of this deity are strictly prohibited ingest sesame either as an independent food or linked to other preparations, as it is believed that doing so could make you sick.

This seed must be respected by the descendants of Babalú Ayé because it is a ritual element consecrated in religion, which is part of the trousseau that are made to this saint, gaining vital importance in the month of December where his eve is celebrated and festivity. 

There is a belief that when the sesame is spilled on the floor of the home, problems and diseases are coming, at which time prayers should be made to San Lázaro.

Sesame can be used in the realization of ebbó, although it must be carried out with great responsibility since sesame has the characteristic of attracting bad and good things.

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