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Trap and Cunning characterize the Children of Eleguá in Santeria

The sons of Eleguá

Eleggua He is one of the most powerful saints within the Yoruba Pantheon, his judgment on the destiny of human beings is emphatic and only he has the power to decide how many benefits or disadvantages a man needs to learn from his mistakes.

He is the deity of the unforeseen and the unexpected, surprising many times with his decisions, this saint likes to test his children, to see how far their faith reaches and to what extent they are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve their dreams. .

Eshú, name under which it is also known, is the most important messenger of Olofin. This Orisha is the one who is personally in charge of transmitting his messages to the other deities of the Osha.

Due to his ingenuity and intelligence, he was granted the privilege of being the first saint to be attended in the Rule of Santeria, for which he is owed respect and veneration above all things.

This Orisha is syncretized in the Catholic religion with San Antonio de Padua, San Benito de Palermo and the Santo Niño de Atocha, its festivities are celebrated on January 6 and June 13 every year.

What are the children of Eleguá like?

The sons of Elegguá They are cheerful and playful people, they like to play tricks on their friends and family, whenever they arrive somewhere they position themselves as the focus of attention, stealing the glances of everyone around them.

These are considered to represent the trap, since in most cases they stand out for always wanting to get away with it which translates into fulfilling their will at all costs.

They are cunning and intelligent, they will never start a fight that they believe they cannot win.

If they are allowed to defend themselves or expose their arguments freely, they will always declare themselves innocent before any act, they are considered street people because it is very common to see them walking through the streets even late at night.

The children of Eleguá in love:

Their attitude towards love is variable, throughout history they have gained a reputation as womanizers and revelers, a characteristic that distinguishes them from the children of other deities, although this is not always the case.

In the friendship:

The children of Elegguá are great friends, betrayal is the only act that produces repulsion, this being the trigger point to obtain their enmity.

Rituals and powerful works that you can do in the name of the Orisha Eleguá:

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