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Those born from Oggun's cauldron. Do you know their distinctive features?

The Children of Oggun

A son of Oggun never gives up.

4 Characteristics of the religious children of Oggun

The Children of Oggun:

  • They do not surrender their weapons until the last second of the combat they have undertaken is fought.
  • They do not leave their destiny to the side of the road or to chance, and each day is a gift for them, a new opportunity that life gives them to correct their mistakes and evolve spiritually.

1. Oggun left forged on an anvil a teaching for his descendants

Oggún, the Orisha who owns iron he left forged on an anvil a teaching for his descendants, a brief verse in which it is clarified that nothing in life is obtained without prior sacrifice.

A son of Oggun does not know failure, because it is capable of:

  • Get up after the stumbles,
  • shake off the dust of the road and
  • continue the march until you see yourself raising victory like a trophy.

The thickness of the mountain and the barren railway line made Oggun consider his existence, realizing that he could be happy if he was accompanied.añabut he also came to feel happy alone, a virtue that characterizes not only the deity but also his children.

2. If you try to impose something on a son of Oggun, you will see a titan come out of his interior.

Oggun is a major saint, despite the fact that history has placed him as brute and irrational, this deity has great intelligence as well as enormous strength.

Everything is obtained from a son of Oggun with good manners, but if you try to impose something on him or submit him to your will, you will see the strength of a titan biased by fury come out of his interior.

Just at that moment, do not try to talk to him or want to reach an agreement because when a descendant of Oggun gets upset, he will not believe in reasons or listen to apologies.

3. If Oggun's son has a pending task, he will leave recess and do his duty

The parties, the music and the dance are to his liking, but they will not condition him, because if Oggun's son has a pending task, he will put aside the fun to fulfill his duty, because he hates breaking his word.

Oggun's descendants have a truculent taste and are not usually very refined when it comes to mending objects.

Of course, anything these repair will last a long time before it needs another fix.

4. Love will bring by the hand and running those who are born from Oggun's cauldron

Love will bring by the hand and running those who are born from Oggun's cauldron, because they are infatuated despite being little expressive.

These did not come to the earth plane to be great communicators, but rest assured that at the right moment they will not limit themselves to saying what they think or what they feel.

Some beautiful offerings that we can deliver to God Oggun:

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