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Yemayá's children are not Yemayá on earth, they are Yemayá at heart

Yemaya's children

Did you know that Yemayá, in addition to being the mother of all humans, is one of the Orishas that has the most children within the Yoruba Pantheon, because she shelters and protects all the humans who will wear her crown and those who will not, too??

Never cheat on a son of the Yenya

The sons and daughters of Yemayá they are moved ninety-nine percent by their hunches, since they arrived at the earth plane being diviners.

Don't try to engañar never to a son of the Yenya, because sooner or later they will discover the lie and end up being disappointed in you and the disappointment for them is so sudden that it will be reason enough for them to take you out of their hearts in the blink of an eye. eyes.

Without anyone's help they will continue

Yemayá's descendants are stubborn, impulsive and will never take no for an answer.

These will try to solve their problems without anyone's help, because their mother made them independent and willful.

Sincerity is one of his virtues

The children of salt water have a huge heart, they are not selfish and above all things they are very sincere.

If you are looking for an answer full of truth, approach a son of Yemayá, they will share what they think, because as the popular saying goes: They don't mince words.

they have a big heart

There are no fathers and mothers more selfless than the children of Yemayá, wherever they are they will always be observed and even criticized, sometimes without justifiable reason.

Some people accuse them of believing Yemayá on earth, which is absurd, but I can assure you that they carry Yemayá in their hearts.

vigilante by nature

Yemayá's children stand out, they shine with their own light without the need to overshadow anyone for this, they have qualities for leadership and they give themselves with passion in each project they undertake.

They are empirical lawyers, they defend everyone who surrounds them and do not dare to commit an injustice against them because they will not sit idly by.  

They are a beacon of light in the dark

Strength, courage, loquacity and example are qualities that exalt Yemayá's children.

Their willpower is surprising, even in the worst circumstances and without anyone's support, they encourage themselves and manage to get ahead.

They are branded as crazy and self-sufficient, but they have good feelings and a lot of wisdom.

They like luxuries, parties, but they don't have anything of their own, because just as they receive things, they distribute them without thinking about it.

They are a beacon of light for people who are lost, good friends, good children and good human beings, with flaws and virtues like all men and women, because perfection is a virtue that only the gods possess.  

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