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How the Jimaguas Ibeyis defeated the Devil Abita? ≫ Pataki

The jimaguas and abita

Yoruba legend tells that the Ibeyis or JimaguasMiraculous Orishas of fortune in their union, they are able to save from death and evil and protect the mountain walkers.

In addition, they provide their protection to the children of the earth, they are watchmen for misfortunes that lurk, ward off evil, and attract prosperity and abundance.

They are pampered but powerful among the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon, as they can divine the future, stop or cause the rain, eliminate ailments and bring luck, happiness, money and fortune.

  • Let's see now, the patakí that shows how they defeated the malevolent Abita and saved men:

Pataki: Los Jimaguas engañawell Abita

The Ibeyis twins like fun and partying, which is why they are the most spoiled among the Orishas. They are children of Monkey y ochun And like their parents, they adore the ruckus, but they are also powerful just like them.

That is why for some time the Ibeyis played some magic drums that the goddess of the sea had given them, Yemaya, his adoptive mother, to play.

But in those days men were very scared, for they said that Abita, a deity considered the devil, had set traps on all roads and ate all humans who fell into them.

Abita He is one of the orishas that represents the evil of the world, he is the possessor of negative powers and he is highly respected.

Then the Jimaguas Ibeyis, seeing that Abita killed men, women, the elderly and children alike, they decided to stop the malevolent Orisha.  

The magic touch of the Ibeyis

To do this, Taewo, one of the Ibeyis, took one of those paths, while Kainde, the other jimagua, followed him hidden in the thicket to engañary set up a trap.

Taewo was playing his little drum and it sounded so good that Abita he was enthralled, and warned the little boy not to fall into the trap. He then began to dance to the music.

When Taewo got tired, Kainde came out of the forest and took his place without him noticing, and although Abita he was already very tired, he couldn't stop dancing while the magic drums were beating.

when finally Abita he fell exhausted, the Ibeyis made him swear that he would remove all the traps in the world.

Thus, they saved the men, who since then have prayed fervently to them to ward off evil and bring luck, because no other orisha has been able to beat them. Abita.

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