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Do you know how man communicates with the afterlife?

The mediums

Throughout the ages, spirits have manifested by establishing communications with human beings in order to instruct, prevent and provide protection against the evils that threaten them daily.

The passage of spirits over carnal matter:

the mediums and spirits

The mediums They are those people who have the virtue of interacting with the spiritual world in various ways.

Some religious report being able to listen to the deceased, others claim to observe them wandering, while the rest are able to establish communication with them through sleep.

Another form of communication of souls with man takes place through a phenomenon popularly called "passing the dead", this being the right moment for the spirit to take possession of carnal matter.

This period of time awakens religious and other people great curiosity for being a phenomenon that has certain peculiarities.

Sometimes it is usually tainted by the lack of modesty of some impostors who use religion as a means to attract the attention of a certain social circle or profit from this action. 

What do mediums feel when they are possessed by spirits?

The spiritual sessions and the bembés or drawers to the dead are the scenarios where these manifestations can be seen most frequently.

Those involved describe certain situations that they experience until completing the trance permanently, being then that the spirit takes control of the body momentarily.

Some spiritualists describe the onset of the event as a mild headache, one that grows intense until it suddenly improves.

Others mention beginning to observe everything around them with a little magnification, while the most experienced refer to going through a sensation of well-being that is accompanied byañaday of whispers, these words are in charge of guiding the spiritual exchange.

The manifestation of the spirit ...

This process, although described in words is long, it actually takes place in a very short period of time, practically imperceptible.

During the course of this period, the spirit usually manifests itself through movements and conversations, which fulfill the function of alerting those involved in order to provide them with protection.

The recovery process after the trance is perhaps one of the most controversial moments for those who suffer it, since they usually complain of dizziness, slight shortness of breath and fatigue.

Although it should be noted that this discomfort is relieved in a few minutes quickly without the need for medical assistance or drugs.

There are certain elements that trigger the spiritual position on the human body, among these we can mention the aroma of basil and tobacco smoke.

Certain prayers and chants are associated with this phenomenon, which are usually accompanied byañatwo ringing of drums, cowbells or drawers.

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