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The Warrior Orishas: Eleguá, Oggún, Oshosi and Osun

The main advocates in the yoruba pantheon, those who put the battle first at all times, the fighters, the experts in the arts of combat, those are the Warrior Orishas for the yoruba religion, those in charge of opening human paths and protecting them.

Known as Warrior Orishas u Orisha odde They are the first that any initiate in the Yoruba Religion should receive to begin his life taking into account the advice of the saints.

Who delivers the Warriors?

This group of Orishas fighters and protectors can be delivered by the Priests of the highest hierarchy, called Oluwos or Babalawos, or the well-known snail Eleguá, delivered by the Oriate.

In some houses there are also the so-called "spiritual Elegguás", composed only of coconuts, however, there is some controversy among religious people about the veracity of this Eleguá, stating that the only one that offers a complete balance and the one that really has the power For this Orisha to open the paths and help the initiate, it is the Eshú-Elegguá that the Babalawos deliver.

Can a Santero deliver Warriors?

It is necessary to point out that our religion has expanded its practices and this has led to disputes among religious about what is or is not well done. In many houses it is considered that yes, a santero can deliver the Warriors to an initiate of the religion, while, in others, only the Babalawós have the hierarchy to do so.

Who are the Warriors in Santeria?

EleguaIt is the first protection, it is the beginning and the end of all paths, birth and death, good and evil.
OggunIt is the strength, the violence and the impulse, it represents the rough and initial work and strength. 
oshosiHe is a hunter by nature and vigilante, protector of the persecuted with his bow and arrow.
Osun He is the watchman and custodian of the believers in religion, from on high he watches over the roads and foresees the dangers.

Eleguá, the one who opens the roads

In the group of Orishas Warriors, Eleggua He is the first and most important, since he is the messenger of the gods, the one who opens the roads and the one who maintains the balance in the actions of humanity.

Without him, offerings to the deities would never reach their destination. Elegguá is the mischievous Orisha who must be shown great respect, if he is to prosper in life and avoid evils.

Al Orisha Warrior Elegguá only someone hierarchically authorized in religion can build and deliver it. In addition, we must know that Elegguá likes bitter coffee, sweets, candies, boiled yams, toys, zucchini, peanuts.

He must be counted on as the first who can attract blessings and that is why he lives behind the door of the house, waiting to protect the family.

Orishas warriors, the protectors

Oggun y oshosi also belong to the Orishas Odde. They live together inside a metal cauldron and are represented by means of different farming tools.

Their union is protection for those who travel the roads opened by Elegguá. They establish unshakable strength in the face of life and its many challenges.

Y Osun is the last member of the Orishas Warriors. It lives high above the head and represents health, since the head belongs to Ori and that is where the guardian angel is mounted.

The Orisha is made up of 5 parts: the rooster that represents vitality, strength, health before life; the plate, the sustenance on earth; the cup that represents the 4 cardinal points; the rod that are the legs and the base is the world.

Benefits of receiving the Warrior Orishas:

Getting started in religion is a very important step, which demands a lot of commitment and responsibility, it is a decision for life, therefore, it should not be taken lightly.

If you feel ready to start the beautiful path of our religion, do it with the heart and with great faith, trust in the Orishas, ​​and in the perfect plan that they have prepared for your life.

The benefits of receiving the warrior Orishas have a great spiritual meaning, remember that, if we achieve balance, well-being and spiritual growth we will have achieved our destiny:

  • They give us strength and stability in our life
  • Provide protection from bad negative vibes
  • They take care of every path that we have to walk
  • They prevent us from bad influences

The Orishas are the only ones who do not abandon you, they will always help you and provide advice for you to achieve your mission in life.

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