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5 very powerful Minor Orishas that perhaps you did not know

The Lesser Orishas

Yoruba religion it is the possessor of numerous deities, since each one symbolizes certain elements and has important capacities assigned to natural forces.

However, we usually know the header Orishas that must always be received and delivered in the sacred "Kari Osha ceremony" commonly known as "becoming a saint".

And we also know about the older Orishas, ​​who represent the "guardian angel" and are crowned.

However the lesser Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, which are spirits and energies of nature, and which are not considered guardian angels and therefore cannot be crowned in the Kari Osha ceremony, they are not so well known despite the fact that they directly represent natural elements and they are owed immense devotion and respect.

The Lesser Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon:

The fact is that some of the minor Orisha cults have been lost over time and with the process of transculturation of African religious expressions in the American continent, which is why they are hardly known today.

Let's see now, 5 Orishas that are possessors of great power but that perhaps you did not know because their cult has diminished:

1. Abita, evil:

It is the existence of the malevolent in the Yoruba religion, and it is sometimes syncretized with the devil of the Catholic religion, despite the fact that it has been explained that there are numerous differences between the two representations.

Abita It symbolizes the existence of evil, but, above all, revenge, since it is an Orisha possessing a very negative power in Yoruba mythology, which harms people and those who are guilty of some evil towards others.

He is one of the few saints whose energy is negative, often used to do harm or to carry out revenge on behalf of those who pray to him.

Yoruba legends say that he was once defeated by the Jimaguas Ibeyis and that since then he fears them.

The greatest quality of Abita is that he only attends to the requests of those who were hurt in the past, so he will never do wrong without a request that justifies it.

2. Ajáthe wild wind:

She is the Orisha of the whirlwinds and is closely linked to the gods of the seas and oceans. Their ancestral cult has been lost with time. He is the patron of the jungle and its animals, healer and healer with the Ashé of his herbs. 

However, the importance of Ajá Due to its affinity with Olokun and Yemayá, it has a great similarity in its characteristics with the representatives of salt waters.

She is an extremely powerful Orisha who can drag boats with her immense powers, she is an arrogant deity and friend of fights, so she should not be provoked and if we are going to go out to sea, a prayer should always be dedicated to her.

3. Ajé Shalunga, wealth

It is the Orisha that symbolizes health, prosperity and abundance, it is the one to whom we pray especially for matters of money and good luck.

His cult is highly revered among devotees of the Rule of Ocha (Santeria), even though it is not well known to those who are not practitioners.

Many of those who urgently need money take it as their patron and shells and coins are placed in a container so that he feels adored and gives us his blessings, attracting money and luck.

However, many are those who warn that Ajé Shalunga is capricious and fickle, and chooses by chance the person to assist, so we cannot trust ourselves and leave our destiny in the hands of this Orisha.

4. Bromú and Bronsiá, the Guardians:

These are the Orishas guardians who protect the secrets and mysteries of death alongside Oduduwa. And that is why they live and welcome each other with him.

Boromu represents the bones of the dead and lives in the desert, and in the cemetery habita with Yewá, the owner of the tomb, who taught him to read the oracles. For this reason, she is also famous as a fortune teller and supports Oduduwá in her work as Orisha of Desires.

Boronsia meanwhile, it represents tornadoes and their destructive force and can devastate any territory if provoked.

Together they are protective guardians and very powerful deities.

5. Oranmiyan, the firmament:

This Orisha is the son of Oduduwá and is considered the creator, owner and lord of the mainland, because according to the myth, at first everything was sea until he helped to float the surface.

He is half the son of Oduduwá and half of Oggún the iron kingFew are those who know all the secrets that his cult contains, as it is extremely powerful and ancient.

Oranmiyán represents the firmament and according to a pataki, after making the mainland, he defended it with spears and arrows.

We owe great respect to the Lesser Orishas, ​​each of their energies allows man to obtain abundance, health and prosperity on earth.

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